Feeling HAPPY! Received 1300 rating for my best selling GIG


Hi All,

It’s another milestone for me and just reached 1300 review for my best selling GIG. Thanks fiverr.



Congratulations :beers: Keep it up.


Awesome achievement! Keep up the great work, and you won’t even realize it’s become 2,000, then 4,000, then some more!

(I’m soon going to have 5,000 for mine :triumph: )



Thank you for all your wishes.



Thanks so much, and i am closing to 3000 orders as i have completed 2930 orders


I just realized I’ve gone over 10,000 orders and wasn’t there at that time to celebrate (Fiverr should make some shiny popups when we reach some of these goals, to keep us motivated), and soon I’ll reach a total of 6,500 positive reviews on all gigs, and only 25 negative ones #doing_the_belly_dance

Let’s brag about this :smiley:



You are my inspiration. completing 10,000 orders is not Easy. You are awesome Brother.


Thank you! But did you know that I also have my own inspiration sellers? There are sellers out there who’ve had over 100,000 buyers, and that is EPIC!


Haha and here I am dancing for 300! :joy: GOOD JOB EVERYONE! :heart::yellow_heart: Yay!



you are one of my inspired people on fiverr. Yes i have many other sellers and they are doing really great work like you.


Well thank you, glad to hear that I’m inspiring people :blush:


Brother i would like to write a post regarding gig set up with new sellers and fiverr has to check the images of profile and gig images whether they are genuine or not before publishing the gig?

what would you suggest?


I would obviously recommend making that topic under the “Fiverr Suggestions” category, since it’s a direct suggestion to Fiverr and how they should address this problem. Although I think it would be very, very, Very hard for a Fiverr team to exist that solely verifies the originality of gig images and profile images - there are way too many new gigs and profiles being created for a small team to cope with that. Not to mention that in such a scenario, creating a gig or profile would take at least 24 hours to verify.


I know that this process will be very tough to handle, but there are so many fake sellers offering services with stolen images and there is no comparison with their gig images quality not meeting in their original work.

because of this many buyers are losing trust and leaving the platform.


Write a simple post, nothing complicated. Explain the basics of how it is to be done in simple language everyone can understand.



thanks brother. will do.


Congratulation Dear…