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Feeling Hopeless

I started freelancing on Fiverr since 2019. And I stay online almost all day and send may buyer requests even 0 people saw my gig and no one message me I am the professional front end, web developer. I tried to make my gig best but I can’t find any single order why Fiverr why? Now am feeling hopeless and feeling sad:(


Unfortunately, there are a million other people offering the same services as you do and not enough buyers.


didn’t want to come back but i did because of news article on how a woman who quit her job and started fiverr and made over $150,000 in a month…and yes meldawn9 is right… there are other people on this site offering the same service…I offer photo editing ,posters, and photo manipulations. what made quit the other weeks ago was one dude who upset me about my gig and how other people are doing the same thing like me…the only way is to fix this problem is to find another marketing place and post your link so people can check you out…don’t rely on this site marketing place.

This actually goes for me as well.

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I highly doubt the accuracy of the your claimed news article. She may have made $150,000 in a year, but I am pretty sure she didn’t make that much money on Fiverr in only 30 days. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website, and just because someone else may have done well here, does not mean the same is guaranteed of you as well.


There is way dude and I don’t have to rely on this marketing place in this site…I am aware of the competition here on fiverr. I had enough of doubters, people who can’t believe that I can succeed…God give me this talent for a reason, I develop it for a reason. don’t underestimate me.

Alright then. Good luck. May the gods of wealth be ever in your favor.

I’m not. I’m just encouraging you to be realistic.

If you’ve made $150,000 by the end of the next 30 days, just like the woman in the article you claim, I’ll eat my shoe. :wink:


am not here to compete

If that is true, then it would seem that you aren’t here to be successful. In order to be successful, you will absolutely have to out-compete your competitors. This is a market-driven site. There are thousands of people here, who do the same thing you do. If you aren’t willing to out-compete them, then you’re not going to make any money here. That’s kind of how this whole thing works.


I posted on another thread about those FB ads saying someone makes $100,000 per month writing, then wants you to sign up for their $5000 writing course. All scams.


Hey, Its game of keep trying and never give up!!
I created my account in Nov 2016 and Got my first order in end of 2018. I am just working part time here and still level 2 seller with over $15k sells and 170+ orders. I would suggest you to keep updating your gigs based on services and keep learning new things so you can offer more to the buyers.
Happy Selling!!!


Yeah these are all scams I heard from my friend that you can make money on Fiverr. And complete your education rely on that money. I made account am web developer since 2019. But still I got 0 orders now I am finding that friend who advised me to start freelancing from fiverr

Check up the other posts that people wrote on this in the past!

Freelancers must be able to promote themselves. I can’t tell you where or how, as that’s up to you. I don’t want to discourage you either, but you need to have a plan before you can proceed. Why did you join Fiverr in the first place? You stated you’re a professional designer: where did you get work before joining up?

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I am doing job in a private company I am doing freelancing for the first time

Okay, so you still have a day-job. That’s good.
But what made you consider freelancing? How did you find Fiverr? What was your decision-making process for joining Fiverr? Did you consider alternatives?

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A friend told me about Fiverr. I am job holder and a student too. I joined Fiverr because job is not enough for me as I have to pay my university fees. No I didn’t considered any alternative

Don’t give up Hope…