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Feeling like a desperate loser LOL


Since the new level qualifications have been put in place, I have actually had to “act of of character” in order to help ensure I maintain my level 2. I’ve never been a beg, pester, bug kinda person. It is what it is.

Prior to this, had I received a cancellation request PRIOR to beginning an order, I would oblige the buyer by accepting it right away. But now, since these cancellations (that are not our fault) can affect us negatively – ultimately messing with our income – I immediately click, NO – then make contact with the buyer to see if there is a way we can work something out, in order to retain the order.

This bothers me, because I actually feel like I am being annoying… and I COULD very well annoy a buyer.

In addition, I now routinely ASK buyers to remember to leave a review (not a GOOD review – ANY review and I’m confident I’ll get a good review IF they leave one) because of how important a review now is, and because of how lack of positive reviews-- can affect our standings.

In the past I would cancel orders with no hesitation, for a number of reasons – and having to almost beg buyers not to cancel because it can affect me badly (or us sellers) badly… isn’t necessarily a good look for fiverr, because buyers don’t understand WHY their requesting a cancellation, should affect the seller, in any way.

So yeah… currently feeling kinda like a desperate loser.

That is all.


This is something Fiverr wants us to do from the beginning. Rightfully so. Another reason cancellation standards are set. Fiverr never wants to give back money. They want you make that sale by any means possible.

What gets lost though, is that Fiverr makes it money, but sellers suffer in the process. This buyer is annoyed. They will harass the seller. If you manage to get any work done in that transaction, chances are they will leave a bad review. So either way, you are effected by this.

Or things could turn out great and the buyer could pity you enough into working it out. Which you already said makes you feel like a loser lol.

I didn’t mind the old system (its the one I’m use to), though it wasn’t perfect. There are many ways to improve that system to where seller feels supported. That system was one I think Fiverr could work with by communication with its community.

This system, however, needs to be trashed. The way Fiverr is set up, and the way the community around Fiverr is in general, having a new system like this is problematic. It definitely puts sellers at the mercy of the buyer. For a lot that can lead to some degrading obligations.


Exactly on so many levels. I mean, we ALL want to make money - but I ALSO want to be able to remain professional, doing so, and conduct my communications, accordingly. LOL


yes i also think fiverr should see this issue . Many times i face this issues buyer order and sent cancellation request and said order mistakenly. But if i cancel my sell will decrease but no affect on buyer . so i badly request to fiverr please solve this problem


If buyers are aware of this they can take advantage of it.

I already have a buyer who is doing that.


Aww, no good… Yes, I have a few also. Super annoying.


They just make up whatever they want me to do without regard at all to what the gig is about. It would be funny if it wasn’t so weird.

I’ve had a few like that just in the last two weeks and never got those before. Now they seem to feel like they can click on the BUY button, and then dictate to me in great detail what they want as if the gig and description is not even there.


Oh man… that’s gotta be annoying! So how do you deal with those types of orders? Other than cancel! Weird…

I swear, as I have said before - call me crazy - but there has been a HUGE jump in these types of issues, since this new leveling stuff has come about.


I either tell them what they are getting or I cancel them if they don’t agree.


Either way, you’re put in a bad spot! No good! Well, maybe not too bad if they’re happy with what you give them… but it’s just been crazy lately.