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Feeling like a STAR!

Hi there Fiverians :slight_smile:

Just earn my level 2 badge 37 mins ago! I was a bit anxious about it as I see persons who claim that they sold over 200 orders and are still stuck at level one. I eventually forgot about it as the day went on and if just casually I went on the Fiverr app to check out some front page gigs and saw the update!

While levels would not have stopped me from providing excellent service to my clients, it certainly is a motivational booster!

Thanks to all my clients(if any of them ever browse the forum) and to all the other sellers/buyers who have communicated with me whether by giving advice or just replying to a particular topic that I was interested in :slight_smile:

Most would say Top Rated Seller next … but for me really it’s really about making my service so much better now that certain things have opened up to me. Offering premium gigs with high-quality service is my main aim :slight_smile:

Peace and light!

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Reply to @emjayye: Yep… The moment when a popup image tells you you’ve become a big girl/boy!!


I suppose the forum will update my badge in 24 hours? as it still saying level one but ye on my profile it says level 2

Congraaaaaaaaaatsss @};- I know that beautfiful feeling of getting a new badge, keep up the good work %%- :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Hard work always gets rewarded :slight_smile:

Congratulation for your achievement!!!

Well done :slight_smile:

Well done! So pleased for you!

congrats dear!

@emjayye that’s good news, congrats and keep going! :slight_smile:

Great work emjayye!! I believe that the final badge is Top Rated seller and that one is pretty much out of our hands as TR sellers are chosen by the staff in terms of excellence. I’m sure you can do it though…Keep up the good work!

CONGRATS! :smiley:

know the feeling, go bath in alcohol!

Reply to @emjayye: yeah it takes a while to update on the forum don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Reply to @onlinedzshop: oh wow very sweet! Thank much :slight_smile:

Reply to @julipalmer7: awesome sauce!

Thanks Juli

Reply to @zazadesign: Thanks so much!

Reply to @lushdesigner00: Please stop this guy @fonthaunt

Reply to @ilovenish: Thanks Nish

Reply to @lushdesigner00: thanks but it’s not nice to spam… you have been warned many times.