FEELING moment of getting my first ORDER


Hi all awesome guys,
To begin with, hoping you’re passing a good time. I am going to write about my feelings when I got my first order on Fiverr.

I am an Email Marketer and working this profound sector of Digital Service since 2012 in locally but a few months ago, a friend of mine talked to me about fiverr, one of the biggest marketplaces in the current world. Hearing all about fiverr, I intended to start an account on fiverr as I was supposed to competent to serve greatly to my respected buyers. Then adding some more skills on my brain, I with the assistance o my intimate friend Sabbir Rahman Shuvo, who himself is a level-2 seller of fiverr opened my account. Actually, all the things of writings here infront of some nice guys like you, just because of my that friend. If he didn’t tell me about this platform, may be I wouldn’t be able to put my post here. He advised me without a break now and then about the promotion of my gigs, the procedure too. May be, it’ll be quite hard to me describing his contributions. I opened my account on the month of February 3rd, this year.

As my friend has told me to wait with passion to getting an order, I never loose my patience for once. With the grace of Almigty, I managed to get my first order just after 20th February that means 17 days after creation my account. I can recall the exciting moment that I was taking my lunch that time. Just hearing the beep of the fiverr message, I was as glad as a student be obtaining his brilliant result!

I quickly started to make a chat with that gentle woman. She addressed me “Hi”. Making a successful conversation with her, in just 5 minutes she made an order from my gig! Uffffffffff! I can’t explain the moment with proper examples. I then stopped taking my lunch, may be that was for the excitement of getting my first order. I let my parents too about getting an order from China!

I still recall that it took 5 hours to complete the ordered work as though that was a job can be done within 1 hour now but to ensuring the highest benchmark, I took the time to complete it perfectly. After completing the job, I delivered the work with a joyous mind. Before getting my first order, I just day dream how I will start a chat, how will be the inbox if someone text me or some other facts. All my worry ended up with that gentle womans sms.

I got paid $4 after deducting 20%. The woman applauded me but finally she left no reviews or ratings that might be a good way to start my business. But the fiverr life is going well till now though I am not packed up with orders. Really enjoying it very much. How was your first order experience? Does that sound better or have you guys faced any unusual situations?
Please keep me in your prayers. Love to all.
Best of luck.


Pressed like without reading everything like we agree to the T&C while installing a new software.


Hi Brother,
I have no any experience in my first order Because, I am new. I had not gotten any order. just I am waiting for my first order, Really when I will get first order The day will be remarkable in my life.

Go Ahead, Prayer for you.


Hi @sweet2,
That’s not a problem dear. Just stick to your confidence that YOU CAN. And do your non stop efforts behind the increasement of your skills. If you have skills, then you needn’t to be worry. Job will find you out!

Hope you will get order soon.


Thanks minahmmas, For your suggest.


Welcome for your Feedback