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Feeling of jealousy

I get a strong urge of envy and jealousy when seeing other freelancers get more orders and relatively new freelancers getting more orders than me. Is this normal? Have you ever felt like this? How do you deal with it?


You have to stay Positive all the time. Don’t give up and start working. You have to work hard to reach at that level. Then one day! You’ll also get same number of orders.

You have to improve yourself.
You have to learn the Skills and discourage the negative thoughts.


its a bit like looking at perfect insta fitness models - you have to decide if you want to get motivated, or demotivated by that. but everyones different. focus more on yourself! :slight_smile:


Their abs do look good… but then again, so does cake. :grimacing:




This was me when I first started out. Whenever I saw a seller, I wanted to look up when they started on Fiverr and how many reviews they had. If they were in my niche, I’d look up how many orders they had in queue, too. To break the habit, I forced myself to not look people up all the time. Soon I stopped wondering. I also found that the moments I felt most jealous were when I wasn’t happy with how many orders I had in queue.

Another thing to remember is order value over order quantity. Nowadays, I charge 4 times more than the average ghostwriter, so most people have more orders than me. Some people have 11 orders in queue that adds up to 1k; well, I can have 2 orders in queue and have the same thing. It was all about focusing on the orders (or lack thereof) in my queue instead of what others had, keeping my eyes on my own stuff, you know?

tl;dr Stop being nosy and focus on self-improvement.


Great metaphor! I agree :slight_smile:

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Also great . Very clever :slight_smile:


I’ve never gotten jealous. Instead, I get motivated and determined to do more.


It normal but you should work on yourself, because the sellers had put in more effort and work in place to get to such extent.

Little tip for you

To get more orders, impressions, clicks on your Gig, you should go high on pages,

you need to be more active online this is very important and advised by fiverr itself

Create eye catching gig base on your Niche and what you can offer

then Create good eye catching GIG IMAGES

after that promote your Gig on Social Platforms

and lastly visit the BUYER REQUEST SECTION and keep sending Job Proposals


it’s natural, don’t think to much it will consume you, also time waster, more we compare more we feel not good enough, praise yourself even no one will, #selflove

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Stay positive always

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Stay always positive

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its been a year, I can’t send buyer’s request due to low rating issue. also not receiving any order. so I am not jealous of anyone. I just praying and have hope that I will get an order and soon be able to send the buyer’s request.

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Very inspiring,thanks alot

It’s normal. Imagine seeing someone with the same job as you get promoted with a big pay raise - of course you’re going to feel jealous.

For me, what works is just not looking at other sellers at my level. I do take a look at people in my category that are Level 2/TRS/Pro, but that’s usually just to compare things like tags.

Why You feel Like That😂 Be Positive, You will be like that one day, if you are doing hard work and show your skills also

I wouldn’t say people with more orders than me “put in more effort.” Half of them are unicoders preying on cheapskates… Plus the algorithm is so volatile and isn’t determined by how hard someone works.