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Feeling sad and confused! What can i do because my buyer want to cancel the order

Hello fiverr forum please help me. i am really sock and confused because a buyer want to cancel order. i was done 60+ order and all buyers give me positive review and my total rating 5 star.But my last buyer give a image and want to vectorize it. i design vector file and provide sample on time with fiverr watermark and high resolution file for check. But buyer want design without watermark and high resolution for checking other wise he will cancel the order.i told him when i deliver design i will give you without watermark but he did not hear and send me a cancellation request.
now what can i do? Please help me:worried:

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you cancel this order its best

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But if i cancel, my order completion rate will decrease. i do not want it. any other way?

okay send your work with google drive link

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Sorry can not send the design because of privacy.

i am mean you send your work to buyer by link not me

You can send him the design in lower resolution, this way he would be able to see the result and will not be able to use this.

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i tried this way but buyer want high resolution and without watermark.

Refuse the cancellation request and clearly tell them that you can’t accept cancellation, they have to verify their requirements with the given file and then only you will deliver the final file.


Thanks fore the suggestion. Yeah i used this way. he did not told me that the design is not ok. design 100% ok. But he want without watermark and high resolution file only for checking. And also send cancellation request.

Don’t accept the cancellation and meanwhile just contact the CS! Put your case forward about the buyer threatening to cancel order for nothing! After the CS will reveiw they can better tell you wheter you should cancel or what ever they do will be best for you.

Thanks again. Now i will try it.:+1:

If your buyer approves the design he should be able to download the final design without the watermark.

You can also try redelivering without the watermark.

Yes! give it a try because if he did not like the work he would have cancelled directly! So the reason he is gave is not up to mark to just directly cancel after doing hardwork.

yes don,t accept cancellation

You should cancel this order If you want to continue the order There is changes to receive negative feed back .

Ask fiverr support to help you in this matter. hope they can evaluate this issue. Do mention that client wants to view the order first without watermark

There should be a list of buyers who cancel orders and demand refunds after they get what they ordered. These buyers should be banned from buying if they do it more than once.