Feeling sad and confused! Why do my clients keep getting the message that I am no longer abailable!?


Hello, maybe someone can enlighten me? For the past few weeks I’ve been getting less jobs and clients stop reacting on our chats. I was getting very sad about this because so far I’ve only had a great experience and performance here on fiverr! Fun projects! Great clients! However I was getting messages from a few clients that told me that they were getting messages from fiverr that I no longer was available and suggesting other voices. I didn’t take it too seriously but yesterday I received TWO screen shots from clients letting me see the message they are getting from fiverr!!! It was shocking!!! I can’t see the message on my screen but indeed it stated that I no longer was abailable and suggested other similar voices! The answer I got from the support team was that they couldn’t give me an answer! Due to “private policy”! That I should just keep up the good work! This feels so unfair! Why is this happening? I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong! Why does this happen? Can anyone fill me in? This morning another client found the same note on our chat! Help!!! What can I do? Feeling sad and confused…

Am I the only one with customers saying they are unable to contact?

Maybe you had your account on vacation/holiday/temporary mode? Check the metrics and you’ll see better what’s going on.


I was on vacation but I came back on the 11th of August and have been online since! Why would I get blocked from receiving more messages from clients?


What does Customer Support say?


They tell me that they can’t tell me anthing due to private policy but that I should keep doing a good job :blush: however something did change! My conversion was down 2-4% and ever since my message to customer support it is up 9%! Can it chance so quickly in one day?


I also experienced a dramatic loss of orders this month, and also suddenly got a warning about a customer supposed to be no longer available, while I was talking to him. I think we are facing a HUGE bug…
Also, when searching “italian voice”, I used to appear at the first places… now I fell at the bottom of the search page, when my gig is still one of the best rated, with a lot of reviews… and I see some new arrivals, or gigs with lower rate and a few reviews, appearing before mine when filtering by “relevance”. Weird…


Did you forward those screenshots to CS? If not I would suggest to do so. It might be a technical glitch within your account since Fiverr is currently implementing the “block” feature.


Anyone any idea what the privacy policy has to do with the issue smoothoperator1 is experiencing? Does the privacy policy prevent Fiverr from saying that they have glitches or bugs? If such things are too private, it makes sense that they don’t reply to bug reports in their bug report forum category and such, I guess.

Anyway, hope anyone who has that glitch has also nice buyers who tell them, so they at least get an idea why nobody messages or orders anymore and can plan their vacations accordingly. Or keep doing a good job, or something. And that they solve this issue ASAP.


I am just guessing here but CS probably thought some of the buyers started blocking the OP intentionally and therefor they answered the ticket with a generic reply " due to privacy…"

Since some of the buyers provided a screenshot I guess it’s more likely to be a bug then an intentional blocking attempt.


Ah, perhaps. Hm, I wonder whether one person hitting the block button accidentally (Saint Level knows how often people do things accidentally here) or just to try it out (as in, not to the bitter end but to have a look at what pop-up options appear :eyes:) , or to really hit it, whatever, means you get blocked by everyone unwillingly (glitch).


Rough, tough and above all… worrisome… :persevere: :frowning_face:


i am also having this issue, i am going down day by day don’t know why, I was getting huge response from my clients and messages daily but now its going to other direction. My gigs impression, views, clicks, orders everything is going down. i think fiverr is having some issues in different area of the world. what do you say?


I had this issue in August with one seller, but not two others I was working with.

I was able to get around it by hard-refreshing the page a few times, but it was frustrating and made communicating a bit difficult.


I am convinced that a huge issue has occurred… This happens since they launched the Pro area, more or less…


YESSS!!! THIS. I’ve been having the same problem over the past few months, now it’s more and more frequent.

I created a thread in the bug report category just for this issue, but I wanted to come over and say you are not alone:

Maybe if we make some noise here in the forum something will happen. I’ve explained to CS that this is a recurring error and it’s not my browser cache but a bug in their system!!!


weird and frustrating but thanks for sharing! I don’t feel alone!


I did, one but now I have two more! Will do so again. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for your reply…I think if fiverr has a BUg we should know about it. Some clients who really wnated to work with me are the ones who sent the snapshot and insisted on getting in touch with me but I am sure that many clients read the note and move on! I’ve noticed less orders because of it which is why this is so frustrating!
Thank you for your message!


I hope you are right!!


I could communicate with my customer through the app (while the website didn’t allow me)…
I had 50% less orders this month for this reason, and also because of my gig appearing at the bottom of the search page, while I’m the second or third by number of reviews, rated 5.0 and with top performance…
I am pretty sure that is a bug, or a serious damage that somebody did while programming some new feature, and nobody wants to admit.