Feeling sad as I had to cancel a order


Hi all, feeling sad, very sad. I had to cancel a order. As a new seller I’m trying my best to serve my clients. I’ve 100% positive feedback from my clients. Means that they are happy with my work. But in a new project I was bound to cancel the order. My buyer said" You have 2 options. Either cancel the order or get a bad feedback." I chose the first as I don’t want a bad review.
I’m honest to my work and I know that I would keep updating until the buyer got satisfied. The project was simple, designing a banner following a video tutorial.
Thanks the buyer for giving me the options. I’ve understood that I would never be able to satisfy him as he wanted to do the job by himself.
What a bad experience for a new seller!!!

Thank for reading.


You should have reported the buyer. He’s not allowed to threaten you with bad review, regardless of the situation.

If he’s unhappy he could have been more professional with you. At the end, it should have been a mutual agreement and not a threat.

I dislike buyers like him. He behavior was uncalled. :frowning:


Yes @gina_riley2 is right. Before canceling, contact to customer support as buyer threats you. This is not acceptable.


Next time I will. Thank you


Aw, cheer up. :hugs: Let’s hope your next Buyer is a pleasant soul. :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t have to wait for the next time. You can make screenshots of the threats and send them to Customer Support.


I hope so. I never accept the job that I can’t do. And I always give my best effort to make my clients pleasant.
Thank you


This one I am collecting for myself as a good lesson. Thank you for replying.


After delivering to a buyer, I received the same message. Still, I received a TOS warning, and the buyer received a full refund. It seems it’s a general attitude of buyers on Fiverr.


In my case, Customer Support saw the whole order and gave me a TOS Warning. I do not know how much a screenshot would help …


You’ve had one bad experience - please don’t let it have a negative effect on your perception of all buyers, who are generally lovely! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know if a threaten from a buyer and a TOS Warning is in the one bad experience category :slight_smile: It seems we are far away from that long ago. Still, I hope you are right and this is not a general rule :slight_smile: Can’t wait for more work and a more non-threatening buyer experience :))


They might just skim when looking through the order. Sending them a screenshot of a direct threat shows them exactly what you want to show them.


Sorry man. These things happen If only we all have the ability to read the minds of buyers before taking their orders. This is not the end; don’t give up. Just keep up the good work.


I agree with you. Thank you for the support. Moving forward to better times hopefully :slight_smile:


This thing was happens with me because of one annoying buyer :confused: :frowning: