Feeling sad buyer gave me 2.7 reviews


Hi everyone
Before two days I got a order buyer told me her requirements i made design as per her demand and said you can ask revisions until you get satisfied she asked revision but didn’t tell me properly what she wants i made revision and delivered work again she asked revision I asked what you want to modify she said only remove borders i removed and made several other designs in same delivery and sent and said which one would you like if you want any changes i am here but she didn’t respond although she was online after 6 hours she marked my order completed and left 2.7 ratings
I’m really disappointed with buyer now even I can’t send buyer requests


Very bd,
Buyer satisfaction is our first passion, actually


I wanted to satisfy but she was not responding even she was online


Sorry to hear that. Try not to feel too sad. It was just one buyer. There’s plenty more you can work with!


So sorry, Some buyers are less caring than others. They do not realize we are not a big faceless company, but actual people. Even if he did not like the design, there is always the option of revision.


Out of context, but does it happen to be your birthday @fogi? I see a birthday cake beside your name. If it is, happy happy birthday! Hope you have a great day. :slight_smile: If it isn’t, well I’d still wish you a great day and enjoy the cake! Ha ha ha :grin:


But I can’t send requests now


I was again and again saying for revisions
This is first time I couldn’t make satisfied my buyer


@theratypist It is my birthday indeed, thank you!


It was also your very first buyer, so you are at 0 for 1 currently.

Judging by your buyers comments, they seem unhappy with what you produced for them and your revisions seem to have missed the mark as well.

Instead of focusing on you losing your BR access, you should instead reassess your offering:

Are you that good in design? (The most saturated category, may I remind you.)
Is there another skill you could be utilizing?

Having a version of Photoshop installed on your laptop, does not mean you are a designer.


After looking at your gigs I’m afraid I have to agree with Frank.
I hope you don’t take this in the wrong way, but I would recommend first taking a few courses to upskill and try again once you’ve mastered the basics.


I have worked before as a freelancer and made my buyers satisfied with my work but this buyer’s design concept was not good even I tried to make it eye catching but couldn’t you can see my work on my gigs I have made these designs for my customers on their requirements


Happy birthday dear :tada:


I have designed for my sellers but this is first time on Fiverr I asked for revisions if she wants but her concept was not working


You don’t have to take our advice :slight_smile:


It is normal to feel sad about 2.7 reviews, I’m sure all sellers on the platform strive to get 5 star rating, especially with how strict Fiverr has become regarding this… But I would suggest that you take @frank_d’s and @uxreview’s suggestions in mind…

Your previous buyer in your previous freelance work is different from the buyer who gave you the 2.7 review. You can see that the buyer rated you with:

  • 5 stars for communication (she did mention you communicated promptly – so keep that up)
  • 2 stars for service as described (perhaps she did not feel you delivered what she wanted or what you advertise)
  • 1 star for buy again / recommend (I think this explains itself as buyer stated I wasn’t satisfied with the finished job. I don’t think any more revisions would have changed my mind)

While you offered several revisions, the buyer believed it wouldn’t make things any better… I think this is a situation that can help you reflect on your skills in designing and if you can deliver what buyers want when they purchase from you… Also, it’s good to consider that we can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to design when sometimes it can become very subjective.


I also took a look at your gigs, and on your proofreading gig, there is a spelling error on your banner (“withinn” should be spelled “within.”)

You might want to reconsider the services you are offering here.


@wasnani is pretty adamant that this was the first time a buyer ever asked for a revision.

Nothing wrong with what’s offered. It was the buyer’s fault, no doubt.

So we shouldn’t offer any advice. None is needed.



@fogi Happy Birthday!


I am shocked! Buyer should think once before rating.
I think, When you understood Buyer is not satisfied with the design, you would ask for order cancellation. That is less hurting than this rating.