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Feeling sad when someone copy my Gigs


Hello Dears, Today i find out that few new people who joined in fiverr not more than 19h just start copying my Gigs. I want to said all fiverr staff can you guys please see this issue seriously? I am a new seller! I joined fiverr not more than 23days but i complete more than 60+ orders. I think my buyers are happy with me. Today one of buyer said that someone created a gig like me. Then i search for it. I found that he copy not only my gig but also another. So i think it will not be wrong if i want assistance from fiverr staffs. I am a new seller i dont have enough knowledge actually. But i think if our hard working staffs doesn’t take any action against such sellers then it will hamper our sale. A seller should have the quality at lest write his gig by himself not by copying another. If i write anything wrong please forgive me.

Thank You


Ok brother.