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Feeling sleepy 24 hours NO SALE


Hello Fiverr family.

I am level 2 seller and i complete 145 jobs 90 with 5 star review.
I am very upset because for no sale right now.
My best gig is still moving first and second page but no new sale even not any single message received by new seller.
My rating is good.
I am using Buyer request.
I am sharing my GIG on FB.
I am also using Forum here.
Kindly guide me and give some special TIPS to increase my sale again.
Thanks for your help.


Why you have created 3 gigs for same services you can create different gigs in same niche like banner design brochure design postcard design etc. It can help you.


Your profile and gigs look great. Your designs look very sophisticated and your ratings are awesome. I agree that you could use to add some more gigs that are related. New gigs get extra exposure.

Honestly, my busiest days are Monday and Tuesday, which seems like a dumb thing to say since I’ve only been selling for six weeks, but maybe Fridays are just not a busy day for people to order logos. Anyway, best of luck, and hope your sales slump ends soon.

Bob :slight_smile: