Feeling taken advantage of by a client. HELP!


I could use some advice. I have a client who has requested several gigs from me over the last couple of weeks. It is relatively simple photoshop editing, but the gig package she has been requesting is for 1 image yet she uploads 10 images she wants edited. although they all need the same edit, she is getting 10 images for the price of 1. This is not the first time. She negotiated a gig where I edited 5 images for one price, but in the end, she kept asking for changes that by the time it was done, she again had about 10 images for the price of one. I let it go the first time, hoping she would realize and then maybe give me a tip for doing the extra work, but no.

She has been giving me steady work, so I want to tread lightly and keep her has a client. How do I approach this?

I will take all advice!


Just tell them politely that they don’t have any rights to use any other file/s except the Final file. If you want you can report on this case to the CS, As you have mentioned above, they are giving you a regular work, you can also tell them to not do that. If they want to use the other non final products, they have to pay their price. It’s all on you!


You need to be firmly in charge of your business. You do that by telling her what it will cost to do what she is requesting and sending her offers for the extras that will cover that cost.


Offer the gig extras and see if she accepts it or not. Don’t fall in the trap of " I have several other projects for you". That is what most buyers use to do more work for few bucks.


From my own experience, you need to nip this in the bud fast.

I used to create full 1 minute explainer videos + articles for $30 for a regular client who knew he was getting a good deal. Sadly, he started taking extreme liberties and I found myself steadily getting behind on more profitable orders. In the end, I therefore closed him down. I gave him fair warning that I could not keep offering reduced prices if he was going to be rude and never provide full order details. Then I just cut all ties when his behaviour became even more eratic.

More recently, I have had a client who has been ordering a standalone 1 - minute video package but requesting with each order that I also deliver 30-second edited down videos also. I reluctantly did this FOC since the client is regular, however, recently they started requesting 4 versions of the same video. I branded video, one non-branded video and a 30-second version of each also.

Very reluctantly, I did this. However, then the same client asked me to revise an order marked complete in October 2016 due to their brief changing. I Informed them that this would be $20 (a steal price considering I had to remake the entire video), only for the client to blow up at me saying that they thought they had 2 revisions with each order.

I was actually shocked by the cheek of this but didn’t back down. The client then paid and all was well until a few days later they placed an order and then (I think as revenge or them trying to make a point) messaged me asking me to cancel as they had decided to use another service provider.

This really bugged me. However, I have had the last laugh, as in agreeing to cancel, I disclosed that this would severely affect my Fiverr rankings and that as such, I would no longer be able to provide discounted work for them in future should they ever need me to.

A week later, they were back with their tail between their legs and there I was ready and waiting with a $50 quote which they have had to accept since no one else can provide them with the quality they need at anywhere near that price.

My Point? I let both the above situations drag out and get steadily worse the more they did. I will never let this happen again and if I was you, the next time your client orders, I would inform them that the price only covers 1 image and that this will be all you will be delivering. Take screenshots of any subsequent conversation and if the buyer leaves a nasty review, go to CS.


Cy makes a good point that it is best to be firm about your price from the start.


I agree with all the above, you have to tell them as soon as possible, otherwise it will get worse. Try to be polite, but firm so they know your decision.
I have had buyers like these as well and I usually follow up with a message letting them know that they payed for “x” quantity, but they uploaded “y” quantity.
So I ask them politely if they have any favorites which I can choose from or if they want all the files, then I would have to send them an extra offer for the extra files.


To deal with this kind of client, you need two things: a stake, and a hammer.

You know what to do!