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Feeling totally defeated by Fiverr this week

I have literally cried about about something Fiverr related every day this week.

I have never had this many abusive clients all at once.

Misusing the revision request.

Asking for revisions that are not included in ANY way within the scope of the order.

Completely ignoring my gig description and asking for extras I don’t offer, then disappearing until the order is due and wondering why I’m taking so long.

Saying my voice sounds monotone.

Messaging me incessantly like this:

I have a script for you
I will upload it
Please kindly send me a quote
Here is the script
I will then place the order
Did you read it
When you read it send the offer
Did you read

I don’t care that this is all standard Fiverr stuff. I have completed around 20 orders in the last 7 days, and 18 of them have been with these types of buyers.

It isn’t usually this bad.

I’m so exhausted. I want to quit. I work part time in addition to Fiverr and I had to call in late today because of stress.

Thanks for reading my whinge.

Back to work.


Stay strong! Most buyers a great - you just go the idiots this week. I’ll get them next. My first arrived last night:

Hello there
I have not hard a complain about your voice before, I just synchronized into the video now it sounds terrible, robotic and very slow, no positive and enthusiasm .

This is from the buyer I was telling you about - no commercial rights, argumentative, obviously reselling it somewhere.

Just keep going!


:sob: are you going to revise for them?
Whenever someone is disrespectful like that I always consider cancelling.

I can usually take one a week, hell I usually only get one TRULY bad client per month or so, but they’ve all come out of the woodwork this week and I’m totally overwhelmed. Have considered shutting my gigs off but Fiverr is 80% of my income.


I’m sorry they’re treating you like this. I mostly stopped getting these types of clients after I majorly increased my rates. Yes, there are fewer orders, but the ones I do get earn more at baseline, plus I’m not losing money spending time and energy on the run-around. So it’s actually more profitable for me despite fewer orders.

$5-10 packages attract a lot of unscrupulous people. I’ve noticed that in freelancing in general that the cheapest clients are usually the most difficult and the most incompetent.


Absolutely this. I start low and try to charge up as I think that’s the fairest way of doing it - but it does have problems.


I’ll have to, sadly.


I will probably end up doing this soon. I have around 550 reviews so I feel like this might be a good time to do it. I’m always nervous about changing anything in my gigs though in case it goofs up my search placement etc. :cold_sweat:


Based on the quality of your gigs, you could more than double your rate and I’m sure you’d be fine. Plus as others have said, there’s way more likelihood that you’ll avoid clients like the ones you’ve had this week.

If you’re unsure about changing your rate, you could always just raise your base-cost. Instead of allowing people to order 150 words, insist that everyone order at least 300 words. That way your ‘word-count’ rate stays the same, you just have a base package that lifts you out of the $5/$10 territory where most of these unsavoury buyers tend to lurk.


Understandable, but you have awesome social proof and are clearly very professional, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.


I admire you guys a lot so this is high praise :heart::heart::heart::heart: Thank you!

I will think about tweaking my base price this weekend. After I stopped offering $5 gigs I definitely shook off some horrible clients, so I’m sure this can only help! X


Thank you so much :blush::heart:


You’re welcome!

I think there is a big culture of exploitation around the gig economy and I think it conditions a lot of freelancers to be afraid to see and pursue their value. I like to tackle that where I can!


Honestly my biggest fear is a bad review.

I’m obsessive about it. It makes me hesitant to tell buyers no even when I know I should, work beyond the scope of the order, afraid to ask for extra payment, etc.

I know that is a poor attitude to have on this platform, and know a bad review is not the end of the world (I tell others on the forum exactly this all the time), but I’ve never been the type of person who takes criticism lightly. I take it very much to heart. I also have OCD (the literal kind, not the quirky kind) which makes it difficult sometimes to get a clear picture of whether or not I’m being unreasonable… so I often find myself backing down.

You’d think after 3 years on Fiverr I’d have gotten better at standing up for myself, but I seem to have gotten worse :joy:


First of all, I would like to tell that you should be proud of your work no matter what they say. All they need is some free work. Be strong and just know that you will meet more good people soon.
Many users mentioned $5 gigs as the biggest problem. I can confirm it with the real experience this week. There’s less orders than usual, so I decided to lower my prices for a while. Here’s what I got:

  1. One customer places an order with delivery in 2 days. He immediately sends me a screenshot of someone’s gig (all names cut) and says “You promised to deliver in 24 hours. Make it, or I will cancel the order”. It was easier to send his work and block him instead of arguing and ending with a lower completion rate.
  2. Another one placed an order for 500 words (2 days delivery) and attached files with more than 1,200. Once again, I had to make it because he was simply ignoring all my messages. As soon as I delivered, he accepted the order and left no review.
  3. The third one paid for 4,000 words and sent me 20 scanned PDF files (around 11,000) telling the following: “I think I paid enough. I will pay more if I find it necessary.” In this case I pushed him to pay for the entire work, and ended up with a lot of quarrel, attemtps to put the order on eternal revision (“I sent it to my friend, and I won’t accept the order until he checks it”), a 2.5 star review and a lot of accussations from that customer. I could cancel it, but why would I reject getting my money?

Bad reviews will happen once in a while, and it’s not a big deal, especially when you have a bunch of other good reviews. People will always check your profile if they are really interested.

In short: never think about quitting because of them :slight_smile:


Just go ahead and do it, stop thinking about it. I plan to double my price after 3x 5 stars reviews. A lot of customers look at the low price and think of you as unprofessional (the same people who buy Apple stands).
I bought from fiver over 60 narration gigs from a single person who had a low price and great talent and he doubled his prices after my first 10 reviews (giving me custom offers only). When he got to level 2 he almost doubled again :slight_smile: And he was doing even better, he had more orders since he raised the prices. The offer for me was 200 words for $5 (and I had 2000+ words scripts) and for everyone else was 18 or 19, I think (he didn’t want to put 20, saying it was a psychological price).

Just do it, don’t think about it.



Can you imagine someone walking onto a shop and saying that about something they wanted to buy? Ugh :roll_eyes:


I set my base price as $20 for 300 words. It is still my same rate as before, just with a higher price. I have already gotten a new order today since making the change, so I guess that’s a good sign! Thanks for all the support and amazing tips pals :heart:


The best thing you can do to minimize this is raise your prices.

Try incremental raises ($5 at a time) until the annoyances drop to an acceptable level.

Stay strong!

EDIT: Oh cool! You already did :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh pals.

More trouble.

I doubled my base price as advised. I have gotten 4 orders today which is amazing - I didn’t think I’d get so many so quick with my new prices.

However it’s come at the worst possible time, as I just set my queue limit to 3 orders this morning as I have a massive project due Saturday and need to focus on that - turns out the limit button can sometimes “break” and you will still continue to get unique orders despite being overbooked.

I already contacted CS, and it is indeed a bug. Pls, Fiverr Gods, show me some mercy this week :crying_cat_face:


Maybe you can ask one of them to extend the deadline. It’s a happy development overall in my opinion, to get that many orders right after raising your prices.