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Feeling Unfairly Demoted 2 - February 2018

Since there are many sellers who were demoted due to things beyond their control, or at least it feels that way, this is a February version of the venting thread created by misscrystal in January. If you feel you were unfairly demoted in February, tell about it here:

This is NOT for continuations of rants about January demotions. Take those to the Ranting Pot and make your own threads. This thread is for EVALUATION DAY February 14/15, 2018.

Want to talk about the new level system more generally? Go here.
Got Promoted on Eval Day? Go here and tell us!


UPDATE: Support has replied asking me for all cancelled order #'s so they can look into it. I sent them over. Every one of them has the buyer stating on the reply that they ordered in error… Let’s hope support does something.
UPDATE: Support said there was nothing they could do.

Voice over artist here. 8 year member on fiverr, Top Rated Seller since 2012 … until this morning.

Well, I had a slow month - had 6 orders placed by buyers who did not pay the correct amount (one sent me several pages of scripts and only paid $5 and didn’t want to pay more) and the others sent me pornographic material I will not record. This made my rating go from 100% completion to 89%… WHAM! Just like that.

I asked Fiverr support on 3 separate occasions over the past few weeks if those orders placed in error because buyers didn’t read my description or sent me things I wouldn’t do would make me lose my rank and they replied (QUOTED FROM THREE SUPPORT MESSAGES):

(Jan 23rd, Feb 1st, Feb 7th) All different reps.


“Fraudulent orders and orders that we have determined to be placed in error, will not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion, however will remain in your analytics.”


So I let it ride… and hoped things would be okay. Again, slow month… so a few weeks later, I get a few more orders, my percentage goes back up to 90% - this was on FEB 12th…

Feb 13th rolls around, NO CANCELLATIONS, NO NEW ORDERS… percentage drops to 89%… and I get the red warning bubble again. I bite my tongue and hope for the best.
Feb 15th 6AM —

We regret to inform you that your account is no longer meeting the requirements set for Top Rated Sellers.

The following was your performance at the end of the evaluation period (February 15, 2018 00:00 GMT):
•Response Rate: 100%
•Order Completion: 89%
•On Time Delivery: 100%
•Rating: 5.0

I wrote support and told them I was assured by support 3 (THREE) times that “Fraudulent orders and orders that we have determined to be placed in error, will not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion, however will remain in your analytics.”

And they replied:

"The statement “I was told by support that this would not affect my rating” is not correct and true.
The order cancellation will affect your stats either we cancel it or you. "

SO WHAT IS TRUE? How do we NOT get demoted when people cancel orders because they don’t read anything or because they don’t want to pay… or because they send me pornographic material?? It says at the TOP of my gig description and in my FAQ that I will not do this type of work. I’ve not had this problem before this ridiculous system came into play.

Why are we being punished for bad buyers?..
It sure is frustrating …


Its frustrating. My Order Completion Rate is 85%. Its not increasing :-/ Demoted to beginner level. Fiverr is end for me.


This evaluation system is terrible. After 2+ years on Fiverr from Level two status I got devoted to New seller, because my order completion was just under 90%. Not to mention that probably I won’t be able to get back that status ever again, because most of the order cancellations are necessary due to buyers mistakes. So, I guess I just lost my business…


I finally joined the ranks of “New Seller” after the review yesterday. Sales were very low the past 30 days and as such, with only 6 cancelled orders, my completion rate dipped below 90%.

Is it just me, or am I noticing a huge increase of New Sellers on Fiverr? I look in my category and out of 6,000 sellers, there is a single TRS and only ~1600 L1-L2 sellers, the rest are new sellers.

The only consolation that I have is that they don’t take away my reviews. They are only devaluing the meaning of the levels for the buyers (especially now that I read the frustrations @graphixgoddess expressed above). “New Seller” with a ton of 5* reviews, how can that be?

It seems very backwards to me, you got TRS out there who have worked their ever living arse off for probably years to achieve that status and as such, they are getting promoted more, getting more orders, perhaps illegitimate orders and are forced to deliver on something that compromises their value.

Feb 12th came around and I undersold on about 5 buyer requests because I wanted to get my completion rate up. That’s not only money that I’ve lost, but also money that Fiverr hasn’t received in commissions. I hope they get their heads out of the numbers and into reality, and soon!


They advised you wrongly. It does count against your order completion. It has been a sore point for many since this system came about.



They told me the same after I got devoted in January, but it’s not true.



I believe the error they were referring to here is NOT human error but TECHNICAL error (bugs etc…).

“As in orders placed fraudulently and by technical errors…”


I have also just reached the level of “New Seller”. After 3 years on here, most of it spent as a level 2. Made this company about 2-3k or so over that time. Not a huge number but still.

Given the nature of my work I get very few orders in any given amount of time but they are usually of higher value. Had two idiot customers order something that cannot be done. They did not read the directions. They screwed up by ordering something without contacting me first. Order percentage dropped below standards.

I have a stellar 5.0 score and 100% on time delivery. This is quite disheartening and very de-motivational.

Not sure who they asked about this system but it doesn’t work. I am 100% sure they will see it in their earnings for the year.

Given this new system I don’t take orders unless they are a sure lock to be completed. That means I turn away a few projects a day. Which means this silly system is costing Fiverr money.

A much better idea would be to have each seller confirm that they have accepted each order before it is actually considered an order. This would weed out all of the nonsense and we can get back to making money for Fiverr without having to worry so much about customer caused cancellations.

Just my opinion.


You are correct. This is very much not true. I contacted customer service regarding two cancellations from customers who both said their orders were mistakes as they didn’t understand what they were getting.

Both stayed. Both were used to demote me.


That’s just misleading…

I don’t see how it is fair/okay for buyers who place orders and then reply “Cancelled project” and “I misread the description,” etc. should be counted against us. I mean, I understand I am preaching to the choir here…

Sorry @jd52wtf … same …
This is the worst system “enhancement.”

I think part of the problem is, like @abauer5188 mentioned , so many new sellers are coming in that Fiverr tried to implement some way to filter out and sort through everyone. Everyone deserves a chance, but cutting out your TRS and squandering new sellers chances of making the cut with bogus new rules is not the solution. :tired_face:

If they can kick us out for 89% completion, why not kick off buyers with 10% cancellations? :thinking:



Support just wrote back and said:

“We’ve reviewed this further with the team and it appears that the demotion of the account is correct in this case. The orders that were listed were not counted in the analytic but overall the account no longer met the requirements of a Top Rated Seller at this time. Please let us know if you require further assistance. Cheers!”

But the orders I sent them were the ONLY order cancellations I’d had this period…

They were counted against me… despite what they are telling me. If they weren’t, what was? I asked… This is just so backwards and everyone has a different answer for why it’s not working.


Interesting, is there a way in the analytics to display stats for the last 60 days? I only see 30 days and 90 days. I wonder if that is intentional, not allowing sellers to validate what the system is “automatically” determining…


I am wondering this, too. I did ask them to let me know because I got several orders last month that were wrong for silly reasons, too. (didn’t want to pay, or inappropriate content) . Why can’t we see the last 60 days if that is what we will be judged by?

I wrote them back asking for verification of orders in question but they marked the support ticket RESOLVED. :roll_eyes:

I also double-checked my cancelled orders. Besides the ones I sent them which they claim “were not counted” … I only had 1 other cancellation. How did I get 89% from 1 order? … I had over 10 orders in 60 days.

What this looks like is that they are understaffed and with the giant cluster they have caused they are way behind on dealing with seller complaints.

I can only assume that there are tens of thousands of pissed off sellers all complaining and bitching to them. Some of them with valid concerns. Some of them just wanting to be heard.

From a logistical standpoint this is not at all how you roll out massive changes like this.

They “should” have run the two rating systems in a tandem “non-live” setting to see the types of issues it was going to cause and do all of their tweaking offline. By the looks they did not do this. They are now dealing with the consequences.

Bad business sense.


This was me last month. I got demoted because people didn’t read the Gig and ordered asking for things I don’t advise (and advertise against in the Gig details). I just got demoted again for my response rating (16 hours in red) everything else was green. I’m sorry, but need to sleep and I can’t compromise my main job by doing personal projects on company time.


As I mentioned above a I think a really positive change that would fix a huge amount of issues would be for the seller to approve any orders before they actually are counted as such. Also give us the power to cancel them if need be.


Oh, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry you got demoted twice! I will admit, I am concerned about this happening to me, too, now that it’s begun.

I kept asking them last month “how do I get my statistics back up if I am not getting new orders??” I mean, I can’t help it sometimes there are lulls during certain months/holidays, etc. The only answer was “Keep marking things complete.”

@jd52wtf I’ve felt like this for YEARS. I always get a lot of weird orders from fetish people wanting me to do pornographic voiceovers, and gross things I just won’t do – and when I try to cancel/say no, they get violent and angry with me and I often have to report them. I wish there was a way for sellers to choose which orders to accept.

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To everyone who wonders why their response rate is off in spite of responding to everything within 24 hours - when you get spam, try the following method if you didn´t yet - I used to report or de-block/reply/re-block, only to see my rate drop, every time I had a spam message. Last time, I folllowed this procedure (quoted from the Seller Help Center) and, for the first time when receiving spam, I think, my response rate did not drop - I hadn´t either noticed the “delete the message” bit before or it wasn´t there before:

Spam and Solicitations: You do not have to reply to spam and solicitations in your inbox. As long as you report the message as spam, it will not count against you.
Reporting a spam message is simple: just click the word “Report” next to a new message (and all messages from the user). After you report it, you need to delete the message (only the first message if you received a number of messages).


interesting tidbit, @miiila I’ll keep that in mind as I sometimes deal with that problem, too. I always marked as SPAM, but didn’t always delete in case they needed it or something.

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