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Feeling Unfairly Demoted 2 - February 2018

This is ridiculous, I went from a level 2 seller with 4.9 stars and about 3 years active to level 0 in 2 months. All because THREE buyers couldn’t follow instructions that I laid out multiple times all over my gig description.

Fiverr counts ANY cancelled order against you, even if the order is something you can’t do and was never discussed with you. There should be a way to mutually cancel within a certain timeframe and have it not effect your score. Incomplete orders should mean that the seller was unreliable and hurt the buyer, not that the seller immediately explained their service isn’t able to do the thing the buyer has unwittingly opted them in to do and asked them to cancel and get their money back, when the seller has told them multiple times TO MESSAGE FIRST—

Ya know, this could all be fixed if we had to agree to their order first. It would go something like this.

DING! You have a new proposal! Accept? View details.

“Hi, please be transcribe this 10 minute song for 5 dollars (4, after 2 weeks). It is easy, I’d do it but I can’t. I’m not going to tell you what it is. I’m going on a long vacation to Pluto for a week and will not be able to answer. I trust you. Thank.”

And then you have the option to message them and specify more about their order, like that it’s going to cost more and WHAT IS THE ORDER, instead of the clock immediately starting ticking.

Well, better luck next month I guess. Hopefully the order that I have sitting there right now who hasn’t explained what they want me to do, yet even though the clock hasn’t started yet, still expires today, doesn’t carry over.

Most customers are good, it’s literally just ONE this slow month that’s knocked me down to 0.

And I wouldn’t care that much because I don’t have 7 or more gigs, but it’s also a badge of honor, probably effects your status in searching, or at least in buyers eyes.

And this is just impatient fools who mean well…imagine if someone actually wanted to sabotage you, they could do it so easily.


Yes, it´s not “intuitive” to delete it really, hence I thought I´d mention it. I made a screenshot before deleting it too. :eyes:

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Well, we can only hope that the Fiverr will hear seller’s voice this time and reward us with better update soon!


Yeah but I doubt it, since we’re confined to this one thread that only other people who have this problem are going to see.

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fiverr forum imageAfter joining Fiverr almost at the beginning I have worked incredible hard and put up with a lot of poor time wasters over my time and also some great customers too. Fiverr has now taken my TOP SELLER RATING down to LEVEL 2 after all these years for one false review from a rude buyer and a few slower replies, fiverr expects you to be on the ball with replies 24/7 even in other time zones, most of my buyers are overseas and in significantly different time zones. Fiverr has got this one wrong punishing long term fiverr sellers who have delivered for fiverr through the tough months and the good months of fiverr’s start up period.

Do the right thing fiverr time to stop being so harsh and unfair to your sellers.




Totally agree - I got demoted for a 88% response rate and when I tally it up its above 90 threshold. Totally rigged!


agree I got demoted for 1 bad order received in january :)) all ratings close to 0 :)) it’s a joke.


Ridiculous isn’t it? I get the feeling they are trying to squeeze anyone not making them big money in fees, like what Google and eBay were doing with their listings. Also Facebook advertising. Penalise the little guys - thats my opinion.


Sad ! :frowning:
Same happened with me demoted from level 2 just because One rude seller cancelled order and my order completion rate dropped from 90% to 88%.


I got also demoted because my order completed percentage is 88.

I don’t even know what words to use to describe my disappointment.


just because of some mean buyers we are suffering Cs should at-least low there standards to 80% which itself is not so bad :confused:


I lost Level 2 for not responding to all the SPAM and ridiculous, off-topic questions I get in my Inbox? I’m supposed to respond to people who say things that have nothing to do with Fiverr or my work now?

I’m very upset about this.


I still don’t understand stand this, I have 100% response rate on the app and 88% on my web dashboard. I just got demoted.



IMHO Fiverr has no right whatsoever to demote a seller. And whilst this information how to maintain your level may seem useful, the fact is, given the massive increase of sellers (many who are offering poor quality work) and lack of control of the, “Buyers Request” it’s only a matter of time before the platform becomes unusable.


This whole thing is causing so much pain and concerns to a lot of people that I truly hope it will bring a lot more business to everyone, because if it doesn’t I really don’t understand the move Fiverr has made.

And no, I have not been demoted, but I’ve seen quite a few really unfair demotions among my colleagues.


To my surprise I’m not demoted and I think a lot of people who thought they would aren’t either.


Yes and what about the many buyers such as myself who in all my years have never delivered poor quality work. Why are we being penalized for the failure of a selected few, not to mention the failure to protect sellers from unscrupulous buyers who want nothing but to steal our hard work?

Like I said whilst some may value this info which I’m sure was posted as a useful guide IMHO it is up to Fiver to better address the issue and not the seller.

Note: There are many sellers who will often buy a gig only to find countless faults just to avoid paying or want more content than offered by the gig. In such an event does the seller have the right to cancel the order? By all means YES. Should it be held against the seller? NO. Yet this system not only continues the trend of lack of protection for buyers but now penalizes them without warning.

In the end what we’re seeing more and more is a complete breakdown of freelance services across many platforms due to the blatant disregard for those who have worked to build these entities to the successful communities they are today.

I guess it’s Back to the, “Brick and Mortar”.

But remember: It is the sellers who are the backbone of any freelance platform. What happens when we decide to remove our services and take them someplace else.


If it was only one seller who cancelled, then how is it that you were already at only 90% completion?


then press “report” button
this counts as a normal reply and it helps Fiverr deal with spammers


So you are saying that fiverr should allow those who perform below standards to remain at their current level? If that’s the case, then the levels have no meaning at all. Just make everyone a TRS like a participation trophy.