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Feeling upset for getting no orders

Ask some question yourself:

  1. Are you doing enough to promote your gig and reach out your targeted customer?
  2. Are you taking the opportunity that fiverr gives you to reach your customer?
    if you are doing these properly you should not worry. just sitting and thinking why you are not getting order won’t help you.
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Good day won’t come by own. You have to work smart enough so that every day can become good day.


Actually for the last thirty days, I will say there has been a decrease in my orders and sales. I also checked my neighbors gigs and the results are quite the same. Maybe it’s because of economic issues, politics or whatever. But everything will kick off decently quite soon.

Don’t loose your hope. Be active in Fiverr and Fiverr forum.


hi ! i just start to send buyer request ! but still nothing alos ! i hope for you and me it ill come soon :pensive:


yeah absolutly…i hope all are going good

Be Active on Forum and Fiverr!!
Send buyer request daily…

its happening most of the seller. don’t worry keep patient.

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Okay brother sure!!!

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Try to active online always

How? Have you any idea?