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Feelings after sending 100 buyer request

Successfully send 100 buyer request. I write unique request for every buyer. But the result is I do not receive even a single message from any single buyer. I have to say, fiver is very compitative for the newbies. Still hopeful for some better luck.
Note: My gigs are based on digital marketing.


can you share some of your “unique” offer?
I am sure there is a problem if you sent 100 offers with no single message.


don’t lose your hope in starting you have to face this kind of issues sometime.


Here is the last reply
“Hi sir, I understand your plan fully. How I will work: At first I will create a local twitter account and submit my details. After setup the account I will tweet daily 20 image or 40 image in 5 session or 10 session. There will be 30 minutes break between the two sessions. I will continue it 30 days and tweet a total number of 6000 tweets for 50$. I have some extra plan for you also. Let’s have brief discussion in the inbox. It’s going to be a cool deal! Thank You, Sir”

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My feeling about “Sending customized buyer request” is:

It does not work. Yes, the straightforward answer is, IT DOES NOT WORK. This is just a theoretical suggestion that everybody likes to utter because it feels nice, and it gives you the vibe of being a knowledgeable and sensible person. But it’s unworthy advice.

You see a buyer request; you take time to understand his/her need, then you write a buyer request based on that, and by that time, your submission may be fell behind hundreds of other offers. Most of the buyer does not want or does not have time to read hundreds of request. So, the scenario is, if the buyer is patient enough to read hundreds of offers before lending the job to anybody, only then you might have the chance of getting that job, otherwise not.

So, that “send customized buyer request to everybody based on their need” is just worthless empty advice, like many advice out there.


I have no knowledge in your niche, but 6000 tweets for $50?? Also, I suggest you install “Grammarly” it will helps you write better in English.


I send 250 up unique buyer requests then only one single message receive from buyer. For new sellers it is difficult to get orders.


If you spend, let’s say, 1 minute reading the request, 3 minutes thinking about if you can actually do the job, 3 minutes writing an excellent offer, for a project with $5 budget, then my friend this is your mistake.

Try to seek a buyer request with a reasonable budget, because a client with a low budget will not spend enough time reading all offers, but a client with good budget will definitely do.

If sending a generic offer to all buyer request is helpful for for, then congratulations.


Buyer budget was fixed. Just went according to the buyer wish.

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A buyer with a good budget will not go for a newbie(generally). And, I do not send a generic buyer request to everybody. Instead, I do the same as the post writer wrote. What I wrote is about my personal experience. Just like post writer, I also already sent more than a hundred requests and did not get a single reply from anybody.

Oh, I have Grammarly. In fact, I have Grammarly premium. So, I am well aware of my grammatical correctness.


I think the default is for the most recent offer to be shown at the top of the list (sorted in descending order of date) to the buyer in their request. So if 100 people have sent an offer and you’re the 101st you’ll be shown at the top by default if they click to view the list after yours is posted (and if no other offers were added).


I completely disagree! Sending a customized buyer request helps the buyer understand how you personally can help them. I’ve posted buyer requests before, and I always delete the copy and paste ones because the people who put those usually haven’t even read my request. But, this is my opinion, so you could be right, I don’t really know! I hope this helps!


I got a $900 project from a buyer request when I was a “newbie” with 4 orders, $5 each. Don’t underestimate the buyer request section.


So are you suggesting that we use personalized offers for high-budget projects and copy-paste some generic offer for the low-budget ones?

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That was not my point, I wanted to say that if you don’t get a reply on a project even if you spent a lot of effort writing a good offer, don’t blame the buyer request section. And I explained why some buyers don’t spend enough time reading the offers.

One should never use a copy/paste generic offer.


I already mentioned that in my previous reply:

That does not happen often. You just got lucky, that’s all. Congratulations.

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Find your unique sales point on which a buyer should order you. Think you are a buyer and why you are hiring a seller? If you get the answer of this question, you will get the best result from the offer you sent. Every time come down your perspective on a buyer’s perspective, not seller’s.


Good reply on this post

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your advice is very helpful

I am also send 108 buyer request. But no order generat to buyer request.