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Feelings of your first order

Share the story,
How you have got your first order and how long you have waited. what was going through your mind at that time.

Please tell your story and inspire new sellers like me… :slightly_smiling_face:

My thoughts were: “Better start working!”

I waited 10-14 days. I didn’t stay online 24/7. In fact, I think I was offline most days.


Wow, that’s cool but I guess that doesn’t happen with everybody.

Surprisingly, my first order actually came through a buyer request!

It took me around a month to get my first order, and during that time, other than sending buyer requests, I was pretty much offline too like @vibronx

After I got my first few orders, I stopped sending buyer requests and decided to put my time and focus elsewhere.


I think it was a week or two into being on fiverr - (when I was still starting out as a writer so I had no idea what I was doing). If I recall well it was a pretty odd thing to write so I was like ‘uh. okay. sure as long as I get paid’.
I have certainly changed my standards since then.

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Great to hear!!
I’m also going quite slow but with no success.
Your story inspires me to keep patience.

Well I’m also a writer (product descriptions)
still waiting to write something xD

After gig creation 14 to 15 days, I rise in the morning and saw one message in my inbox. Conversation with buyer 2 to 3 minutes long and I got my first order. :innocent:


Well, It took me around 5 months to get my first order & 3 days ago I get it.
Although, budget is very low. But feel excited now.

Happy freelancing!