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Feelling sad about buyer part n


I think I will send for buyer original file when buyer mark order completed, I said about that. But when I wake up, I saw this order completed and buyer give me a rate with 4.3 stars with review “[…] She did however have me complete the order before sending the finished product which had me suspicious. Hoping I receive it.”

Omg, I really sad. We’re different time zone, and buyer can’t wait…?
Other customers who read this review later, will they dare to work with me?


Try to improve your English proficiency, As a Viewer point, It is really hard to understand your speech.


You aren’t supposed to do this. The buyer should be given the source file as delivery, not after they mark the order complete. The buyer is allowed to leave you any review they wish and it sounds like you got lucky they still left you a positive review at all.


so sad @ kiku194 every order when you finished you ask buyer have any question this work or any revision. if he want to change any part you do it. when he happy to your work I think if he pleased your work he give it and try to good quality work.


No, you should not ask client to give you positive or 5 star review. That’s considered as trying to manipulate client and you can get best case a warning and in worst case get you account banned if fiverr team will see it.


As previously mentioned, try to work on your English. Most probably client wasn’t able to understand you and that you were saying that you will deliver it in the morning. And it’s also your responsibility to guide client on the process as most of them ordering for the first time and don’t know what they are supposed to do. And if you are not sure if client understood you or not then it’s better to ask them at the end “is that ok with you?” To make sure that you are on the same page with client.

And never deliver files in the order delivery without final files. It can get you banned.


Well said. Manipulating reviews is also really unfair to prospective buyers. They should see honesty, not bias.

The purpose of reviews is to help buyers make the best decision for their needs.