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Feels like blackmail


my very first experience with Fiverr started out exciting and great.I do think it would me nice to have an emil sent to me telling how to contact the seller and what information to give them once you place an order. i paid for one day service as well as all the extras…it was up to 45 bucks. 2 days later I get my first email from the seller DEMANDING information from me. I explained that i was new to fiverr and explained what I wanted. over the course of the next 4 days I kept getting a product that just was not even close to what I wanted…colors way off and wrong fonts and shapes…in the end I rejected all 4 tries, requested a refund and gave my feedback about my experience…he was not happy with my feedback and said that if i remove the negative feedback he will then give me a refund. he has since made this “offer” 4 different times. is this normal? i have tried to get in touch with customer service to no avail…no number or no direct way for me to connect or “report” my concerns. feeling like im in limbo now and still need a logo to move forward…any suggestions?


Your experience is not normal. I can’t and won’t comment on where the blame lies, but it seems obvious that communication opportunites were missed.

As soon as you placed the order, you should have been directed to another Fiverr web page (form) to enter the details the seller needed. Since you say that did not happen, then it was either:

a. a system error ar Fiverr

b. you missed seeing the re-direct

c. you were not immediately shown the “order details” page because there was a brief lag time before your payment was approved, etc.

d. other unknown issue

Since this deal started badly, you’ll have to work it out with the seller and/or Fiverr CS to decide how to proceed.

If you don’t get the logo you want or need through this sale, consider another try. May I suggest that you try buying gigs for $5 from SEVERAL different logo sellers, get the results, then chose the one that you like best. No, you don’t get refunds on the rest. Art is subjective, so buy a few and pay the artists for their work. Use the one(s) you like the most and write the others off as part of doing business. Stuff happens.

As long as you give yourself and the seller adequate lead time, that method would give you a better chance of success in the end. You would have multiple options from which to chose, and would still own the rights to ALL the logos in case you wanted to use them some other way. (Assuming the sellers give you that right, which is normal on Fiverr.) All for less than what you paid for 1 bad experience.