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Fees for Tipping?


I can’t be the only one who wants to tip, but finds it ridiculous to be charged a fee to do so. I’ve been with fiverr since 2009 and I’ve been a great tipper when warranted, which is most of the time. But NOW, I no longer tip because of the $2 fees. That hurts the seller. It’s bad enough that fiverr is no longer $5er because of the $2 fees, but I do understand inflation. However, to charge a fee to tip is beyond inflation. It’s greed…please revisit your business model.


I wholeheartedly agree. Not even tips are safe from Fiverr’s greed, and it’s really getting out of hand.


This has nothing to do with greed, but about unethical sellers, which there are thousands at fiverr.

Fiverr charge for tips because sellers (in a couple of years ago) started to deal a $5 order and a $100 tip, because tips didn’t had fees, so this way these sellers could charge more and didn’t have to pay the 20% fiverr fees.

Unfortunately this was the only way to avoid sellers to exploit fiverr system.

It is a bad thing, I agree, but there is no other way to deal with this, thanks to those unethical sellers who always find a way to beat fiverr ToS.

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Fiverr charges commission on tips to make sure there is no abuse of the system. Abuse could prevent Fiverr from utilizing funds to make the site better. See: