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Fellow Fiverrers! Suggestions on getting conversions?


Hey fellow Fiverr Enthusiasts!

I did dig around the forums a bit, but for all you successful sellers out there, send me your suggestions on why I have 0 conversion, por favor =) Criticism is appreciated, although constructive criticisms receives extra loves and kisses!

I have a combined total of about 587 impressions and 45 clicks, and 65 views. I’m such a statistic’s page refresher addict. (Do you think Fiverr will ever sponsor a Statistic Refresher Anonymous ? :wink: )



Well according to Fiverr, having a video helps. BTW, I do them, but even a basic one with your cell phone helps.

And it takes a lot of clicks to get orders. Even my best ratio is only 5%, but my best seller is less than 1/2 percent buyers. It’s a numbers game.

You are in a very competitive area. So find some unique niches. And market yourself outside Fiverr linking back to your gigs here.