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Fellow seller keeps asking for work


Hi, I have recently been contacted by the same seller on 10 different occasions. I am a seller myself, and I have told him that. He still keeps on asking for work. I have tried to explain and reason, but I dont think he cares. So could someone please tell me what should I do? It wouldn’t be an issue if it was a once or twice thing, but he has been at it for the last 2 months I think.

So please help me!
Thank you in advance.


Hit the report button.

Trust & Safety look it.

Seller is banned.


The “Report” button is buggy.

I would recommend simply ignoring his messages, if they continue, its not going to affect your response rate, since response rate is only calculated by your first response to an initial message.


If none of the above helps, make screenshots of the annoying messages and your own polite answer, and send them to Customer Support.

Then we might get that seller here on the forum, complaining that his messaging got disabled for no reason. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You are right, I should just continue to ignore him.


lol! true that!
I will definitely contact CS if he keeps on contacting me. For now I will ignore him, so he doesn’t bug people on the forum =P


I’d explain to the seller that you don’t want a running conversation. Let them know that you are on here to make money and the constant messaging stops you from doing that. That ‘report’ button is very tempting though…


I did, a few times actually. I even tried to explain how buyer request works. He said, “Okay, and thank you” every time. But was back a week later. It is very tempting…