Fellow Sellers: Is It Worth It To Come Back?


I recently took a short vacation to unwind and take care of other matters. I left just as the first controversial posts regarding the new Fiverr system were coming online: put my entire account on vacation mode, muted the app, and forgot about the platform for a couple of weeks. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

Today, I casually bumped into the Forums as I was reactivating my gigs. I saw the ranting pot being flooded with threads, selective locking of posts that discussed Fiverr’s business strategy, people complaining about chargebacks on 1year+ old orders and a general feeling of discontent. Before I get back into it all, I have a question for my fellow sellers.

Considering that the break destroyed my placement and ranking, is it even worth it to start anew? Is this particular ship taking too much water or do you feel there’s a chance things will improve over the next few months?

Note: this doesn’t want to be a polemical question; merely a way to gather some feedback. Whenever possible, please keep flaming to a minimum!

Thanks! <3


Why not?

Your reviews are great, you’re at 100%!

Apart from what’s been announced and what you can see on your dashboard, nobody’s really sure what’s going to happen in January.

The sky might fall in, chances are it won’t. :wink:

Lovely to see you back, and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the compliments :smiley: It’s nice to be appreciated!

Now to answer your “why not”: I run multiple businesses (a geeky/pop-culture blog, soon going to start a podcast, I’m still sporadically working as an interactive entertainment journalist) and I’m considering getting back into academia. I know that Fiverr could slightly improve my monthly income, but from what I see I am worried that the new system might be much more stressful than what I can handle.

I guess I’ll follow your suggestion and take it as it comes! :smiley:


I think you ought to give it a chance.
Considering that you also have a successful account which would’ve taken time and effort to build up and gain momentum. I’m sure your repeat buyers would be happy to see you.

Your placement/ranking may have been demoted but maybe it may propose a slower pace; a little bit more of a break between sales enough for you to be able to work on your other engagements?

Finance wise as well, as I see you run other business engagements, I think you’d understand the concept of any income being good income. Think of how much or how little it would contribute to the whole number every month?

And maybe even then you may be obliged to carry on or just put it down if it all seems too stressful to be profitable anymore. Either way. Welcome back and best of luck!


Can you point out some of the ones you are referring to here?
Sounds like you are casually accusing the Mods of something so I would like to see what you are talking about.


There’s only one way to find out.

My experience since June has been that this income is very uneven. Whereas it used to be steady and reliable as clockwork, and we knew what we had to do to make it go up, now it goes up and down. There is no one way we can change our gigs to give it a boost. Any change to a gig at all is fraught with peril.

I used to have exactly the same number of sales every month and the number slowly but gradually increased over time but now it goes up and down dramatically for no apparent reason each month, with more downs than ups.



less than 0 orders you wont get, @acossidente, which is the same as keep in vacation mode.

so why not giving a try?


I don’t see much of a reason why you shouldn’t come back. Even if you just make Fiverr and side hustle, I haven’t had many issues with the site.


There are a few times when the stress is pretty overwhelming to be honest.

I really miss the way things used to be when it was predictable, dependable, steady, and we knew we could do certain things to improve our gig rank and sales. Now the only things we can do are things that make our gigs lose rank or disappear. Very stressful.

I would LOVE to modify and improve my gigs… but what would happen to them? Probably they would go poof.


It all depends on how you approach it, I guess.

I was on Fiverr in 2011, got immediately orders (in now over crowded categories) and considered it worthless, because I did $5,- gigs.

In 2015 I decided to give it another try even though I went for a over crowded category again, I immediately had a good start. Now I’m in a mode where I do orders on Fiverr so now and then and when I’m bored I visit the forum for some amusement.