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Fellow writers - How do you deal with buyers who use unreliable "plagiarism checkers?"

Reply to @forcedlogic: Some checkers are just too sensitive. These are usually the checkers that look at phrases, instead of entire sentences. It’s conceivable, and actually pretty likely, depending on what you’re writing about, that fresh content, even if you wrote every single word organically without even looking at any research, contains phrases that have been used elsewhere online.

For example, say a buyer asked me to write about “email marketing for small businesses”–a topic that’s been pretty much written to death. If I write, “Email marketing is a great resource for small businesses,” it’s highly likely that some other writer (probably two or three or eight) has written that exact same phrase. The checkers that are too sensitive will report that as plagiarism when A) I didn’t copy and paste that from anywhere, but more importantly B) the full sentence is "Email marketing is a great resource for small businesses looking to improve current customer retention and new customer engagement."

In short, I classify a checker as “too sensitive” when it doesn’t look at complete sentences/the content as a whole in addition to phrases or reports common and/or innocuous phrases as plagiarized when common sense dictates that it’s entirely possible someone else has used the same words in the same order before.

Reply to @emasonwrites: So then as a seller of written copy I would say this.

Dear Patrick,

While we value your business highly it’s important that you understand a key piece of our business which is creating original content. If it’s true that there is no original content left then it’s also true that parts of your order may seem similar to other content on the web.

We can not control what people write all over the world, we can only give you the best service possible. Therefore it is our policy that we ignore copywriting content checkers as they are too sensitive to the copywriting in general.

While we understand that this may put you at a crossroads, it’s in your best interest and ours to ignore those results and do you own investigation. We guarantee that our work is 100% original and that we do not use any programs or content spinners to create your articles.

We hope you can understand this difficult decision that we have made and we hope to keep you as a loyal customer in the future.


Awesome Content Creator

SEO Tools sounds tricky. Can the same be said for Copyscape? I’ve heard this one come up a lot on other sites that involve writing content for others.

Reply to @forcedlogic:

People who use cheap tools like smallseotools or SEOspyglass are the same type of people who come to Fiverr and expect more than a bargain. Both of those tooks are notoriously poor at either catching all the links (SEOspyglass has a 2.9% success rate) or are oversensitive because the tools algorithm is flawed. Any commonly used phrase will be caught in the 3 consecutive word filter. Because it is cheap, it doesn’t highlight the phrases or show how they would work within a plagiarized article.

All writers have a certain style and turn of phrase, from Stephen King to George Martin. Using smallseotools to catch plagiarism would catch both of them. Try it.

3 consecutive words is hard not to produce so you’ll always look like you’re copying someone. If I were the author I would go to another tool like copyscape, run your own results, screen shot it and present it as evidence that you didn’t copy crapola.

Copyscape isn’t as bad.

I’ve seen writers on here include Copyscape premium checks on every article as part of their service. It costs a few cents, but gives an accurate indication that an article hasn’t been plagiarized.

Could be worth considering if you can afford the small cost.

Reply to @mhwoolz: ok, that sounds legit, especially if you have seen the site. Have you seen your articles posted on his site?

It does sound kind of legit, but I am curious why he is so worried and does not trust you. Even if a buyer is a good client, at a certain point if they are paranoid about everything you do, then you have to cut your losses and just work with clients that are trusting of you. Those are the good kind.

Turnitin is the best!

Reply to @wordpressguruu: Last time I looked at Turnitin it was expensive, designed for use by schools and had even been sued for inaccuracy. For buyers and writers who don’t mess with academic writing Turnitin is worse than useless. I use Copyscape for all my needs and I check my own original work with it before delivery. Even the free version is decent with a high accuracy rate and useful for fiction to content writing and more.

I’m not sure why this older thread was revived but on the general debate I think that most original writing will still show up with some hits due to common phrases. With new buyers I explain this up front and on request I give buyers as screen shot of my Copyscape results.