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Felt unsupported by this Fiverr support officer


I went to report that my gig is not shown on this search result, he said its solved.

I went to report a request to approve my gig for having Skype and Phone numbers exchanged, the same guy closed the request without telling me what happened.

It is very rude. I send in another request, if he fails to deliver, I have no choice but to share his name here.

Anyone has any experience with irresponsible customer service officer like him?


No, the customer service people I dealt with, which were quite a few different ones by now, always were responsive, most of them were very friendly, and none of them were impolite or even rude.

There should be a link somewhere in the reply you got to ‘follow up’ or something like that, so if their solution doesn´t work you can view and add a comment to the same ticket, I think if they get more than one ticket on the same issue, they might close ‘doubles’, but the way you write it here, it sounds as if you opened 2 different tickets on 2 different matters, so in that case I don´t know, Could it be that you chose the same category for your 2nd ticket and they thought it was a double ticket on the same matter?
I´d just add a comment to one of the tickets I´d sent them, explain and ask about it, maybe it was a mistake or misunderstanding, those do happen after all.

Usually, if one asks politely and friendly, one should receive a likewise reply.


I would like to think that my request was polite enough. Having someone to click “solved” without explaining its pretty uncalled for. Yeah. Done the follow up part. Waiting for reply.


I think if the skype/phone number exchange is really needed for your gig, there isn´t much reason to deny the request, so I hope it was a misunderstanding and will get cleared up soon, so you can start with that gig. Good luck!


I would politely add a note to the bottom of the closed request saying that you were hoping for an answer to your question.

I also am curious why you want Skype and phone chats with customers.


Disclaimer: I am just trying to shed some light here on CLOSED tickets, so do not take my words for granted.

Recently (about a month now), I reported a severe bug, and the ticket was recently closed as “Solved” (note that is the only default closing option of a ticket).
Now I was kind of frustrated at first, but I realized, maybe they are unable to solve the issue at the moment and maybe it is not a priority nor does it have negative affect on an account.

So sometimes, you have to figure out the answers to your own predicament. You do not get what you want in life, ALL the time. That is unreal.

All I am saying is, maybe there is a reason for your experience. A customer support staff HAS to answer to the conclusion of EVERY ticket, he will not just click Close and get away with it.

So, give everyone a benefit of the doubt, as I am giving it both to you and the CS.



I don’t know what you gig is but isn’t having contact with Fiverr members outside of Fiverr big time against the TOS?

I’ve heard that any communication outside of Fiverr is not allowed under any circumstances. This could possibly be why your gig is not showing?

I’m sure if you just ask for a reason you will be given one, it could just be a miscommunication?


@lynnehuysamen It’s allowed for some gigs, like online consultations or tutoring, but it’s best to ask Customer Support for permission and approval first, and to follow their instructions.


Thanks @catwriter for clarifying that, it totally makes sense now that you have given those examples. I read a post in the forum where members were discussing how hectic Fiverr is with communication outside of Fiverr so that just stood out for me.


Yes I would seriously avoid any type of outside communication with clients for any reason.
I would not want gigs that require that either.


@misscrystal Absolutely. One of the things I love about Fiverr is no exchange of personal contact information.