Female buyers are more generous...!


Hi Fiverr Folks,

All my BIG tips have granted me by my beloved Female buyers.Although I got some tips by male buyers too ,but those were small. So my experience of fiverr shows to me that Females are more generous to males.
I LOVE all my buyers, whether they grant tip or not. :smiley:
What experience/opinion you guys have?

Keen to hear from you.
Note: Don’t ask how do I know my client is male or female,it’s just a common sense.



I have no idea what gender my buyers are, and don’t care.

I fear you may be stirring up a hornet’s nest with this one - surely the days of gender based stuff are behind us - I hoped so anyway.


I think male buyers tend to under estimate things, I have several male buyer who keep yapping that the work is simple but never have I ever had a female buyer tell such kind of nonsense, in fact most of my female buyer tell me to take my time in completing projects and after finishing the job the slap me with a token of appreciation. I remember one female buyer actually gave me a 100% tip. The project was priced at 170$ finished in 3 hours then I get a message telling me I got a tip of another 170$.


Wish I’ve been as fortunate with tips as others. I’ve only been tipped once. It surprises me that tips are quite common on the platform.

As far as male or female, I think it’s a matter of personality, not gender.


It’s opposite here, I have got all tips from Men’s


I got better. I get tips from them all.

Do I win a prize?


No it’s not that. It’s just a friendly conversation.I shared my experience and want to know yours if you are willing to share and that’s all. [quote=“phantompower, post:3, topic:112792”]
I got a tip of another 170$

It’s a BIG tip :smile_cat:

Wish you good luck for tips.


Do you want prize even after getting so many tips from all ?:smirk:


Sure, why not?


Lol may be your work is worth of tips. The maximum tip I have received is $50 for a $120 project.




I know the gender of some of my buyers but for most, I have no idea. With ones that do volunteer their info, I’ve gotten tips from both genders. I think buyers are generous based on their own preferences and I don’t see any link to gender.


Generosity isn’t something that can be attributed to gender identity. It is a result of genetics and nurture, which means that those that identify as male or female or non-binary are all equally capable of showing generosity.
Perhaps you are subconsciously treating those of your buyers who (you think through common sense?) identify as female better than those who identify as something other than female, so your assumptions are skewed.


@capitalquality As I said in an earlier thread that generally my buyers are very kind to me.Some times they ask me how did I spend my day,then they tell about themselves too. This way I get to know. (Recently you must go through a thread on how do I know the buyer is male or female so I used the word common sense) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: