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FEMALE clients only,... where are Men Too.?


How comes 98% of my clients are ladies… i’m not protesting but i expected more men here ,… But I welcome all as i write 2018 start up Business Plans.


Maybe you need a few more orders to see if the numbers balance out between the genders? :slightly_smiling_face:


very true,… i hope to get more soon


jajajajajaja is fine is fine :smiley: :wink:
just wait to see friend :+1:


Don’t assume that a client is female just by the profile they use. It could very easily be that 98% of the clients you think are ladies, are in fact, men pretending to be ladies just because they think that will gain them more sales or attention.

Don’t be fooled by the scammers. A guy pretending to be a “lady” on Fiverr is a scammer.


Any ‘Little Britain’ fans? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup! The faux :tomato::tomato:. Manly hands and just a hot :peach: mess, males pretending to be females on Fiverr is like bizarro. :dizzy_face:

LOL @offlinehelpers lovely curls. :joy:

Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to money. :money_mouth_face:
Males or females clients I treat them the same.


Why does it even matter whether the client is a man or a woman?


I’m still trying to work out how you came to 98% to be honest - to calculate that, you would have needed (minimum) to have 50 orders, 49 from women and only 1 from a man. I don’t think that’s actually the case from the number of reviews you’ve got? :wink:


People are people.

I don’t even think about if a client is a male or female when I am working on an order.
I’m not sure it really matters if a seller is a male or female either. For some online anonymity is important, depending on what services they offer.

Being male or female shouldn’t affect the quality of services offered – unless the gig is “sex” specific, catering to a particular sex… then maybe it might matter.


I wanted to add this bit since I’m a lady, I would be hesitant ordering a gig from you.
The impression you’re giving me is that you’re annoyed working with women.

I suppose my woman money is not good enough?


I have a feeling that most sellers would not even think about the gender of the buyer!


Maybe you have a lot of male pheromones in your gig :grin:

Oh seriously, you can be happy as most scamming buyers are male. If at all they have a beautiful female profile image, but they are men.


Haha, What a statistics :joy:


Lol./… thats an eye opener.


it seems are sttill new to fiverr abd learning alot more


That’s not the case madam Nikavoice,… I actually stated i’m not protesting,… its just that i was asking my self how comes so far only one man gave me an order,… otherwise i welcome all ,… It was just a much less serious topic to discuss,… im sorry


i get you very well,… no gender bias intended sir


i have worked on only about 10 orders some never left reviews but that was just a by tha way ,… :yum::yum::yum::yum:


Hahahahaha ,… you made my day,…