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Females Have an Advantage on Fiverr?

If you review Fiverr gigs across virtually all categories, you will notice that “attractive” females obtain more sales and (as a result) get more positive feedback than others.

Is this a “real” advantage in sales performance – or is it simply a perceived advantage?

If so, how are the rest of us supposed to compete?

Interested to know your thoughts…

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If you think about it, more men are buyers on Fiverr then woman so the men see a pretty girl and automatically clicks their profile and potentially orders. From my experience, I don’t think looks will affect the reviews in any way but I guess that also depends on what type of gigs you offer.

I am an ugly male and I have been doing just fine?


You are in a niche (audio editing, etc) where this issue may be less noticeable.

Attractive people in general have more advantages. They’re more likely to get the job, have self-confidence (easy when everyone is telling you, OMG! You’re so pretty), get the raise, etc. This is statistically-proven.

However, regular-looking people can still make a lot of money. There’s an old guy with a beard who does video reviews, and he’s getting a ton of orders. If I’m selling a product for old people, I’m not gonna use a 21-year-old.

Some clients need regular-lookers, others are focusing on how you sound, not just how you look. I know nobody’s ever gonna pay me for my body, which is why I use my brain.

Try to compete where you’re strong, not where you’re weak. By the way, you’d be surprised at what sells on Fiverr, if you have a big belly, that’s advertising space you can sell for $5. The same goes for people with flat bellies.

P.S. Your profile has no gigs, so you’re not really competing.


I suppose women have an advantage on Fiverr if they’re selling female voice-overs, or review videos featuring a woman, or explanatory videos featuring a woman, or, uh… some other thing I can’t imagine at the moment which can only be completed by a woman because the buyer wants a woman.

Cheap tricks will always lose out to quality content.

That and women shop on Fiverr, too, and the moment a seller starts using T&A to sell a gig, that seller is probably losing all female buyers.

It’s a cheap trick that maybe works on a minority of buyers - or at least I hope it’s a minority, because I’m not an attractive woman either :wink:

There are many sellers who go this route though and it’s quite ridiculous to see Scarlett Johanson selling SEO services on Fiverr. I like to think that buyers that gullible are not exactly the kind of people I want to be dealing with so the universe corrects itself.

There are tons of fake profile pics on Fiverr. They usually show a young and attractive female. They often self-identify as Americans. They often have common-sounding usernames like lucyjohnson## or keyword optimized names like seobestsales##. Some have tons of orders and reviews for services that they don’t seem to have language or other skills for and those are suspicious but I don’t know what is going on with them. Others have no orders and complain about it on the forums and eventually shut down. A few have male fake pics but otherwise similar situations.

Bottom line, unless it is for certain voice-overs or videos the gender of the seller really doesn’t mean much on Fiverr. Fakers do seem to have at least a temporary edge depending on what they offer. I still believe that overall it is real people with real abilities/skills who eventually do the best regardless of appearance, gender, etc. I’m female but older and I don’t have any particular advantage there, but I do have the skills I say I do in my profile and gig descriptions. My business is growing slowly but I have only rare buyers who aren’t happy if they order according to what I say I can do.

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One of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating is right-click Fiverr images of cute girls and “Search Google” for them. Just this week we’ve had a female Guardian journalist show up, an Instagram star, and a famous Hollywood actress.

Reply to @trdlmarketing: I was kidding… Am I really that ugly or just alittle ugly?

Can you be a little unattractive?

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I have to disagree but then again its maybe what you are offering on Fiverr. For example if I’m a VA why will you buy from me if I am good looking and not being able to offer the service, if that makes sense. I dont think looks have anything to do with delivering top quality work.

You can fake the picture, but you can’t fake the video. If I see a video of a skinny woman and then she delivers a fat women, I’m not gonna be happy and I will leave a bad review.

In the end, my father always taught me to look up front, never to the sides. This means that at work, you don’t worry about what you’re coworkers are doing, who’s selling more, who’s more popular, etc. Worry about your own job, your own offers, and only study the competition when it’s relevant to your gig.

With that said, don’t force a square peg in a round whole. If I need someone with an American accent, you better have one. If not, disclose that you have an accent. Sell the truth, and you’ll never get in trouble.

Reply to @landongrace: I’m part of the ugly club too!

Yes, it might just be all in your mind, but I’m sure you’re not alone on it. I can see where you’re coming from, but I have to be honest, a lot of people use fake pictures for their profiles. That’s something that’s been going on for too long.

Most buyers should know this (you would hope) and should only buy from sellers that have good wordings on their profile, mostly good reviews and past the conversation test with you. If they’re not personable/friendly and knowledgable on the topic(s), then that would be a cause for concern, but not the gender or pic.

I do not have a profile picture of me, but I try to use a bright and cheery image. If the picture is blurry or dark, that will put me off slightly because I know it doesn’t take a lot of work to get a reasonable picture. Even if the guy/girl is not super attractive. A bright picture with a smile is enough for me!

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yes, i also noticed that Girls are getting more orders then Boys !

its because of the Buyers choice

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My dude the same case for me we get no orders while we work as singers or musicians they all want female singers getting 1 order from in 1 month and then the whole month is you there waiting for a miracle someone in need of a male singer .