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Feminine Logo Designs

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I’m not sure why are you stealing someone else’s drawings from the internet to your logos and presenting them as your logos and your drawings???

That’s highly unethical.

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Which design are you talking about?

You know which ones yourself. It’s a couple of drawings that I found on the internet by other artists. The real watercolour ones.

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It’s the only thing you can do if you want to design logos and can’t draw :slight_smile:

It’s the client’s fault that they don’t go on and drag their logo there to see how many people use that same design. It’s templates combined with stolen images. Easy money.

What you don’t get is …for them, it’s either this or go find a real job. It’s unethical, but it works. Unfortunately.

No it’s not the only thing :woman_shrugging: The thing is to learn how to draw not to steal. Or they can design logos that doesn’t require drawing.

and it might be working for now but fiverr doesn’t allow to use copyrighted images. And banning accounts for that.

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Maybe there is something similar because some buyer send images and says they want exactly the same and if we design something similar they say it’s not what they are looking for.
Sometime Buyer send images with watermark and they say they need this redesign and I always respond that I will design something similar but not the same.

This is stealing. You’re hurting the whole design community and this actually makes me sick.
Read about copyright infringement, get some training in graphic design, or get another job.

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Right. He has 669 reviews. 669 people who probably have a logo that they can be sued on. Member since 2016 and level 2 seller. This means Fiverr recommends this kind of behavior, placing them in front of designers who make original logo designs :slight_smile:

It’s the same thing. He should make his own designs and not edit someone else’s. But he doesn’t. Fiverr should ban this behavior. But they don’t. It’s all about the money, on both sides. Stop trying to fight the system, it is what it is. “If it’s working, why fix it?”