Few Buyer Request


I have made seven gigs as i am fresher.In first few days I can see 150 buyer request but for last 10 to 15 days it only shows 25 to 40 buyer request.Today it shows only 3 buyer request.Why is that happening??Is there any solution???

Buyer request is showing 0 when my 3 gig active
Buyer Request not updating

i also have the same problem.
need help


From past 4-5 days, my buyer’s request are not updating anyone facing the same problem? Or some issue at fiverr end.


I am using fiverr app.and i have earn $101 in a month.and my home page buyer request show 99+ buyer request but when did i click this option it showing 0 request.

Note:-my 3 gig is active.


many buyer try to send malware and get banned. daily,


Hi, I face the same problem as you. Did you already knew the solution of this problem? Should I contact fiverr through email?


may be it is because of the category and sub category and also depends on how many people are posting…For better knowledge you can contact fiverr…