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Few buyers didn't provide any requirements to start the job, then?

Few buyers place order, but not need a job. They are places order only for fun or only for harassment workers. They didn’t provide any requirements to start the job. Then we were constrained cancel our order. In this result, our job complication rate was down, this is not our fault but suffer any worker. It’s our bad luck. Our special request to Fiverr please do something for this issue.

If you are a worker as like me, please say your experience. Thank you.

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Yes, It is right. I am also suffer this issue.

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Just keep them there. Any order you get but buyer “forgets” stays in the void. It’s not in your queue or anywhere you would need to worry about it, so it doesn’t interfere in any way. You can then send a nudge to the buyer, and if that too goes unanswered, you can send a message to their inbox to remind them.

If it bothers you, then wait for completion rate to be removed and ask support to cancel any old orders that never received requirements. Might be until hell freezes over, though :crazy_face:

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It’s too disturbing subject for us.

Thank you for your reply with detail. But when any order will cancel our order completion rate will be bad. It’s not fair. I think you are agree with me.