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Few days after accepting the drawing I see the scam


After a few days of approving the drawing from a seller, that costed me 250.- a coworker tells me that the painting is not original but photobashing. I assure him that I paid 250 US for an original and he shows me several points that indeed are strange. I don’t have the eyes for it as I’m not a professional artist, but he did.

I contacted the seller and tells me that it is photobashing. I feel betrayed. What can I do???

Thank you!

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As an artist, I am repelled by these situations since it makes buyers lose trust in Fiverr all together.

Please report this to CS and ask, no, demand for your money back and that the seller is penalized.

But first, let’s make sure he/she did the trick you. Can you show us her description in the gig (hide the name of the seller)?
What exactly is he offering to provide you with, and at what level of quality?

I think we already answered your question? WHy are you posting it again?


Thank you. I was not aware of his previous topic, but as you said, all is cleared there.

From an artistic point of view, photo bashing is OK if you are using your own or CC0 images or images you have a license for.

But the biggest problem here is not the fact she photo bashed image, but that she left trademark mark on the image. Usually, when you have right on the image, the trademark is erased.

Or at least you are skilled enough not to include that in your delivery.

The fact he/she did not do that makes his/her skills very doubtful.

I am just wondering about seller status when he is able to get 250$ orders and do poor job.


you say co worker, you don’t have a legal department by any chance?

also, did you contact CS as was suggested in the last post?


Your problem is going to be proving what the word ‘original’ means in the context of your order. Does the word ‘original’ refer to the finished piece or to all the component parts?

If it refers to the finished piece, then it is indeed original. It is bespoke to you and there probably isn’t another piece exactly like it.

However if the word ‘original’ refers to the component parts, then of course it’s not original.

But was this subtlety of meaning even defined in the order, or did you just assume the word original would cover everything?

Although I’m no expert on graphic design, from what I understand photobashing is a genuine technique albeit one with a bit of shady reputation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it so long as a seller makes it clear that they’ll be using this method.

Yes, but when you are using this technique you need to have IQ and visual skills to observe and to remove watermark parts of the image you taken from other sources in order to sell them to third party as original work.

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