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Few facts maybe buyer need to know

I think every seller here in Fiverr to satisfying their clients. But when the clients are in too much hurry and they don’t wanna discuss just wanna have the result there start the problem. So my points are:

  1. Make a proper discussion with your seller and give him a clear idea exactly what are you looking for.
  2. When you wanna get something special you need to pay for that. you can’t expect the most unique design for $5, not possible.
  3. When you looking for a seller please decide first what kind of design you want, do some research so you can explain yourself.
  4. If you want to get the best result give your seller time. when he get something for you and you don’t like it please don’t get made to him. wen you do that the seller might lose his confidence and the quality will affect.
  5. for hell the seller leave something great for him. trust me when you leave him great feedback he will forget everything no matter how long you make him work.
    And if you follow this you will get the best of him because we are here to help you.
    Maybe you are thinking how do I know these things? this is not my first in Fiverr I delete my previous account for changing my user name.

Hello @hirart

Thank you for the suggestions.

I think that we can not control or teach anything to the buyers to follow, Buyers are the king in any market. They come, evaluate and if they like what you’re selling they bargain, no matter how cheap you’re selling.

There are good and rich buyers who have standards and there are bad buyers. So all depends on the kind of the deal the seller is concluding.

Good luck to all the sellers including me.


Yeah i know but it’s just for who really want something special. There will be always good and bad.


As a seller, giving us time really does help! Sometimes I get busy with other things in life. It’s not that I don’t want to get you your product (in my case recorded voice over) asap, but life just happens. We really appreciate flexibility.


Not always. If the buyer was unreasonable and overdemanding, or was unable to decide what they want so they made the seller to do it over and over again, or was abusive in any way, great feedback won’t stop most self-respecting sellers from blocking that buyer (or, if the blocking feature is unavailable/buggy, to refuse to work with that buyer again).


This is very true. One of the downsides of commoditising freelancing in the way that Fiverr does, is that some people (the minority, not the majority) think of it like an ‘Amazon of freelancing’, and forget that there’s actual people, with actual lives at the other end of the message.

An instant red flag for me is when a buyer peppers me with message after message, like they think they’re talking to live chat, usually with a “Hello, are you there?” somewhere in the messages. Just send one message with your requirements, and then give us time to respond.


Thank you so much for sharing. Greetings

Maria S.


Yeah been there before…

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Yeah, you are right. I avoid buyers who don’t want to discuss their project requirements beforehand and are in a hurry. I can’t tell about buyers but sellers(excluding the ones offering mind-reading gig) neither have psychic nor have telepathic powers.


How many buyers frequent this forum?

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don’t have any idea. what do you think how many?