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Few Fiverr orders for now


Only 3 orders per week. :smirk::smirk::smirk: This is kind of a sad small sellers just like me. :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive: This is my story for now. How about you guys?


Many sellers don’t even have 1 order in a month. You claim to have three orders every week. I would hardly call this sad. You may be a “small seller”, as you say, but you are hardly doing poorly compared to many sellers.

Be happy that you are doing as well as you are, and work to improve your sales numbers. With good marketing and promotion, maybe next week you’ll have 4… or 5… or 6 orders.


I get about the same, sometimes more, sometimes less. As long as I get the bills paid, I am happy


Don’t say ‘only’. Here are so many sellers who couldn’t get one in full month. You will find a lot of threads on this forum about their wailing to start off with first order.
Just keep going and improving service.


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I’m always promote my gigs into twitter and Insta :slight_smile:


Your emoji tears don’t make any sense. You’re expressing sadness… because you have orders? Why would being successful, and having three orders each week be a sad thing?


Well you are lucky keep going :wink:


Sometimes business do experience period of slow or no sales. You can try sharing your gig on social media as it might help boost sales


It’s perhaps because she expects more as she is promoting on many streams.


Hi,best way for increase orders is buyer request,also increase your time response and don’t forget for receive more orders it is useful that offer what that more people need it.
thank you and don’t despair!


“don’t forget for receive more orders”

Solid advice.