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Few sales but wondering why?


Just need some ideas for what I can do outside of the typical editing of descriptions and titles to help with exposure and sales? Ive gotten a few sales from people on my creative blog vut thats about it so far. Not anyone from Fiverr at all. Wondering if search queries could be the issue maybe?

Any tips or tricks for things I have not tried yet would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


It is working bro! - Because I have started my gigs from 2 months only! Now a days I am receiving so many orders. I am also getting only 20 - 30 views per day. But still I am getting orders!!

Tips :

  1. Right up should be good!
  2. Title should be unique.
  3. Keywords are very important.
  4. 4% of keywords should match your write up.
  5. Name the images, Images should be attractive. (You need any help in this let me know)
  6. Save.

(Finally, wait for 7 days. To get the actually effect of the changes. This is what I have noticed) Anyhow correct me if I am wrong about it.

Otherwise they are actually trying to give more importance to the new seller. These days!


Man, Im not going to disagree with you because your probably doing great on Fiverr. But, I have done all the stuff that you mentioned in the past and still cant seem to get any sales. It just doesnt make any sense at all lol. Ive already rewritten my descriptions a few times, Ive redone all my titles, Ive got great custom images I created, and all my keywords sync with keywords in the descriptions. It just doesnt make any sense as to why Im not getting any orders. My work doesn’t suck or anything. So what could it be?


Something similar happened to me. I started getting a load of sales and gig views then one day everything came to a stop. I was getting zero views for about a week. I tried adding videos etc to help it but nothing worked. I tried searching for my gig and couldn’t find it anywhere on a Fiverr search. I ended up sending an email to Fiverr about it and they replied saying that my gig was there on search and after that it went back to normal. I started getting better gig views than I ever had before and more orders. I think that it was a bug and they fixed it for me after seeing my email.

Try searching for your gig word for word on Fiverr. If you can’t see it, you should just contact Fiverr.


I can see all of my gigs in the search no problem. They’re def there, just not getting any sales at all. Which doesnt make any sense at all. Its been over a year and ive only had 3 sales.


Weird… Your gigs look awesome as well man


Your recent delivery was 2 days ago so maybe it is starting to take off. Good luck! :slight_smile: