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Few Tips for good experience on Fiver!


Amazing tips… thanks for sharing with community…


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Great Tips. This post is very usefull for many sellers.


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Great post. Thank you


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Thanks for sharing those tips


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This is very nice of you to think of others too and guide them to achieve their goals. What you have said is something everyone has already said or wrote in some way or other in their tips but I guess the problem is that people start following these advices regardless of thinking that in order to be a good seller all they have to do is to be loyal to their work and learn how to interact with a buyer in more formal and professional way where you make the buyer feel like you are actually investing your time in his/her project and that the buyer is not communicating with some robot. Giving good ideas, doing something on your own to make the presentation and project looks much better is a plus to gains the buyer confidence.