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Few weeks very slow sales and buyers request

Hello guys,

This few weeks very less fiverr buyer request and orders. Is that because of upcoming Holiday season? What you guys think?


Do you mean Thanksgiving in the US?

I do not think so. :thinking:

This past month was my second best in the 16 months I have been on Fiverr.

However, I have noticed fewer Buyer Requests, on the other hand, I have more buyers contacting me directly. Maybe buyers are not so happy with the quality of sellers they are seeing on Buyers Requests? :zipper_mouth_face:

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Sadly, it’s not because of the holiday season.

Approximately 20-weeks ago, a parasitic lifeform from Mars arrived on Earth, and began reproducing by acquiring human hosts. Infection occurs when small, super-intelligent millipede like creatures enter the human ear while hosts are sleeping. After 3-days, parasites successfully manage to burrow through to the central sulcus in the brain. There they slowly start taking control of the human central nervous system and all higher brain functions.

After a week, infected hosts essentially become Martian Marionettes. They relinquish all normal human behavior (like buying on Fiverr). Instead, they start engaging in subservient political activity, in order to manipulate the slow demise of human civilization.

Every day which passes with fewer Fiverr orders, represents a higher incidence of global Martian Millipede infection. Fiverr knows about this problem. However, at present customer service has been instructed by DARPA to send canned responses to sellers who complain about low sales. Doing anything else would only cause mass panic.

All sellers can do to compensate for the current sales slump is raise prices and more aggressively market gigs. Alternatively, sellers could consider welcoming our new Martian overlords by running special Martian price promotions.


I’m gonna say it could be extra terrestrial. But most likely corporate stupidity and greedy overlord’s.


Slow! It’s happening so fast I can’t keep up with it on this side of the pond. :scream:

The more mentally vulnerable are already assisting them.