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Fewer Buyer's Request


Have you noticed there are fewer requests from buyers as of late?

Due to my gig’s low search ranking, I tried to look at the buyer’s request section for more opportunities then noticed a drastic decrease in the requests. It’s been like that for months now.

Did you notice the same?


More people are coming towards these online plateforms for some extra amount of money.Competition is increased,a simple opine .

Is that why buyers no longer post requests?

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They are posting but competition.

I don’t think you’ve been checking the request page as of late. There has been a drastic decrease. For instance, article and web content niche used to be bombarded with requests, but now, you barely see up to 10 requests per day in these niches.

I have published my gig last night, I haven’t seen any buyer request yet.

That’s probably because you’re a new seller.