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Fewer Number of buyer request

Hi, all. This is Sarpon Here. I am using this account for almost 3 months. At that time i found huge number of buyer request on my wall, but recently i have change my gigs and i am seeing there are a few number of buyer request on my wall. i can’t understand why happening so?

Any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to inform me.



Same problem here. I just polish my gig and buyer requests got decreased. While I am too new here, hope senior can explain it well.


Did you change your gig categories? I think you see the buyer request for the same categories as your gigs. Therefore, if you no longer have a gig in a certain category, you will no longer see those buyer requests.


Thanks Hart. yeah i have enlisted my gigs with proper category.


I didn’t mean if they were in the correct categories, I meant did you take a gig out of one. I had a gig once that was about chakra crystals so I was seeing the spiritual & healing buyer requests. When I deleted that gig, I no longer saw the buyer requests in that category. So, I was thinking that if you did what I did by deleting a category then the number of requests would drop.

Thanks. yes, now i can understand.

Thanks again for clearing my confusion