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FFS, Guys! Know When You Are Overbooked! (Rant)

So, I just had this really irritating experience and initiated my first ever cancel request. I tried to be patient and understanding, but enough is enough. I will just let the image below do the talking:

By the way, he sent me some random file and marked it as delivered, just so he could extend the delivery time because I was asleep (I was when he sent the first message, but not when I received that). What pisses me off, however, is that it’s a random file and not even a basic draft of the logo I ordered. Like, come on, right?!

And this is the response I got from the seller:

Yes, they told me they were busy after I sent them a message 1 day before delivery to ask what was up. No time to shoot me a quick message along the lines of “Hey there. I’m very busy right now and your order might take longer to complete. Sorry for the inconvenience.”? Yes, your hands must be tied to the table or something while you are working on it with your tongue and nose.

Oh, and that thing about me being the first to complain about this? It’s actually not even true. I checked the reviews on the day I messaged him the first time after order (1 day before delivery) and the ones that had complaints were unsatisfied with communication. Communication is also his lowest rated stat.

Denial doesn’t help your business.

At least I got my money back. I already started looking for new sellers last night. Meaning I was already considering hiring someone else at this point. And now I will, this time more carefully.

Thanks for letting me rant. I needed this.


Sorry to hear about your experience.

Please report the seller in question.

Aside from the fact that they are unprofessional they are also breaking Fiverr’s ToS by delivering ghost files.

Plus, admitting they are doing so with everyone is just infuriating.


Should I really, though? What if the wrong file was a mistake? I still give him the benefit of the doubt. At this point I’m just too emotionally compromised to judge the situation objectively and clearly.

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I’m not sure why you have any doubt.

Your seller responded by admitting that’s what he did. He didn’t apologize and send you the right file, right?

This is exactly why he is still on the platform and why he has amazing reviews “from real people”.

Because 50% of his customers accept that behavior and wait for their real delivery after the fake one, and the other 50% like you are so glad they got their money back that won’t do anything else about it.


Very well.


Done. Can’t say I like it, but I guess I had to.

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I am just typing to forum MOD to give me permission to open topic titled

“I am new professional graphic designer on Fiverr support me”

And then:

No, you are NOT designer and least professional.

In past 24 hours most new sellers used logos from internet. I reported them. Nothing new there.
But unlike usual time, logos they used are not from logo makers or competition let his from other freelance site but they are using logos from famous and not so famous struggling young designers and I want to have topic we can link when one of those “designers” come here on forum asking for help and he/she gets = report and ban.

Well, this particular seller is actually marked as Top Rated Seller. It appears they deliver outstanding original work, but their communication is well below average. TRS does not grant you immunity for poor communication. RIP to that guy. I feel a little bad, but I am also too salty to care, tbh.

The TRS badge is not permanent.

If the seller is slipping up they should be re-evaluated.

If they are breaking the rules and abusing the tools handed to them, then they need to at least get an an official warning. TRS or not.


Yes!!! You should.

You are “new” here on forum as I see it but I started as buyer on Fiverr 3 years ago and I never NEVER thought of joining Fiverr as seller because I saw Fiverr is a joke, scam, I found PRO and TRS sellers with images in portfolio so bad, so wrong it is beyond words.

They reached those levels because of quantity and due to starting early on the site. But quality is gone. I mean one is using Windows movie maker for editing as PRO.

MS Paint as PRO illustrator.

Only after Covid and loosing income I tried to give a chance to this site since I noticed some “names” are in the list but after joining forum I see true colors.

What happened to you is ridiculous.

When I first started selling logos I placed price 5$. In matter of week of looking in to what is available in that swamp I changed my pricing and got 2 real orders and I am happy more with them then 1000 5$ customers.

I am making logo for your business. If you can not take it seriously, then find someone else.

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You said “sent the wrong file and marked it as delivered. Not even like a draft”. If you meant that they didn’t send you an actual draft, that would be correct. However, if you mean that they should have marked it as a draft and not as delivered, there’s no way to mark something as a draft. They can send it as a message on the order page instead of sending it as a delivery, but there’s no “deliver a draft” option.


Thanks for the laugh. +1

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That’s exactly what I meant. It was a file completely irrelevant, as in completely different genre of a popular movie franchise that had LITERALLY ZERO in common with what I ordered. I’ve never even gotten a glimpse of what I ordered.

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Thanks for the clarification!

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What I am going to say is wrong and people shouldn’t do this but what I do when someone asks for logo design is create samples for free in inbox conversation.

WAIT before you throw rocks at me!!

If I am inspired and client is normal human being able to convey his goal I can make 5-10-20 different concepts in 10 minutes (I started game topic of logo design here on forum where you take one thing and turn it in to logos under 10 minutes, so far none of the 180000 designers joined the topic khm).

Why would I waste my time on order and communication with buyer if my direction and vision doesn’t match his?

I give him samples that are protected by WIPO and in best case scenario I get job worst case scenario I lose 20 minutes on doodling logos, which is one of the reasons I joined Fiverr in April. In quarantine I was doodling all the time and by doing this I could at least have some hope of turning my doodling in to income.


You can do that with simpler designs, sure. A rough draft for something like that is easy to do.

Yeah, that’s what I mean by that.

This may work in your case, but it’s not usual practice for something more intricate like I ordered. That’s why I was furious. I never even got to see a rough concept of anything. I mean, no rough outline, no doodle, no nothing. That’s even worse than delivering a draft that has no appeal.

In my case the moment I start talking with client I am doodling in my note pad. I can’t function doing one thing at the time. Multitasking is my way. People here on forum said it is wrong to talk with client for 4 hours without order but to me my work doesn’t stop when I reply to someone in inbox. Fiverr is on one of my monitors so while he/she is typing I can continue to work.

The fact he accepted order then 5 days of nothing is just crazy. The longest worst case scenario for my buyers is if they send me message at 10 pm CET . That is when I stop working and go to sleep. And you will hear from me after 7-9 hours.

But all this time I fail to say congratulations on getting your money back!

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:sweat_smile: :innocent: :+1:

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