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FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! (nanny complete sentence afterthought)


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Feel free to call Joe from accounts a complete twart. Just add those little details here so we can also agree that Joe is a rando dick. Cool? Cool.

Let’s not be racist against the name Richard here, mods.

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Is Fiverr (Intentionally?) Sabotaging The Search Results In Favor Of Certain Sellers?

So, eh, you know Fiverr has a birthday card competition going on right now eh?

Yeah, it’s funny, no mention of that except for some inboxing. Go on and check it. I’m sure you put in effort, but this is what it does right.


I fear the days of the amusing late night fights are only fond memories.


Life is but a fond memory.

Unless you’re like serious about it. OMG.


Who wants to fight me?


Goodbye to what can never be.


Nonsense: hello to unlimited limits!

I’m having a shit fight with someone over on another post now. Someone else is invisibly deleting it. It’s amazing how riled up people get over a forgotten s. Hey Smike, I remembered the S this time.


Yeah, I didn’t get in.
Oh darn it, I had SUCH high hopes of becoming a millionaire after winning first place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I rarely take selfies, but I was so ready to wear my best outfit, bust out a crystal glass (AKA
sneak it from my mom’s crystal collection), pour in the wine, smile at the camera, post it here and make everyone jealous.

I guess I’ll be posting the card image instead later for the heck of it, hahaha.


I feel some life coming back after reading that bracing chat you were having.


It has certainly invigorated someone!


Almost like old times.


No quite–someone’s hovering over the hide/delete button. So I’m not making fun of that instead of Smike.


That was nice how that was handled. :slight_smile:


If you were the deleting guiding hand, have a free “tsk!” from me!


Me? no!

I like excitement.


Well, at least I didn’t bring up his child. Oh wait… that was him.

Smooth, smike, smooth.


Did yours have something fiverr related? I looked at the blog and was surprised that many seemed to ‘just’ be ‘ordinary’ birthday cards, they were cool, not meant in a negative way, just they didn’t ‘have to do’ with fiverr. If i was an illustrator I’d have thought ‘fiverr/some clear reference to it has to appear there somewhere’.


@miiila Hmm well nope, they informed us NOT to mention Fiverr name or user name on the design. These were the guidelines:
A few guidelines to follow:

  • The cover must be designed on a 1749 x 2480 pixel page.
  • The design should be in your signature style and must be 100% original.
  • The top 10 cards will be available for free download, so it should not contain ‘Fiverr’ or your username. We will credit the work of each artist on the back of their card.
  • Designs need to be submitted as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.
  • Entry is limited to one design per user.


Ah, thank you, Angel, interesting.

edit: or aren’t we allowed to thank anyone on the fight thread? I hope I didn’t go against some unwritten rule with that, my apologies, if I did. :wink:


I designed the B’day card with Fiverr name on it & saw the guidelines at the time of submitting the card. So I had to edit the card removing fiverr name, before I submit it. :smile_cat: