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File buffers to my PC but I cant download it

I just purchased and tipped a good vendor on 5r and the file will open and buffer but I cant download it. I hope this works out. I liked what the vendor did.

You could try asking the seller you used to resend you the work via a google drive or dropbox link. Whatever you do though, don’t attempt tp actually exchange email addresses or anything as this is against Fiverrs Tos.

Also maybe clear the cache on your browser,

“file will open and buffer but I cant download it”

Explain this one better?

What kind of file ? What are you opening it with?
What does the “buffering” look like?

Is this a video? Audio?

Sounds like you need a different player/viewer if you’ve downloaded the file but you can’t open it.

If it’s video , go download VLC player