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File can't be opened (error) w/delivery AND recieving

Hey everyone, last night while i completed and delivered a order by pdf.

My buyer couldn’t open, i tried by excel file too. Same problem. THEN i just screenshotted my work and sent by jpg since that was the only file type working.

Today in the morning, i recieved one of my orders that i bought which is supposed to be doc. File

But yes it doesn’t work again, i think this might have something to do with when you download and fiverr converts the file?

Anyone have this problem or solution?

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Are you right-clicking on the file and then saving it to your computer then opening it from your computer? Does it have the .doc extension in the attachment? Does it save to your computer and if so what happens when you try to open the saved version?

I’ve had file opening issues in the past. Sometimes the file name changes to random characters after download. What I noticed was the file extension was missing, and the moment I renamed it to include the correct file extension, IT WORKED!

If you know it should be a PDF, JPG, DOC, etc… try renaming the file and also making sure the extension is included:

“SummerSale_script 123456789”

…change to…

“SummerSale_script.PDF” or *.doc or *.jpg :grinning: