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File Format Not Supported

I check many Times, When Client send the attachment files like images or doc and when we downloaded them, they are without extensions and not supported by system so we need to type extensions our self .

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This looks like a new bug, have you sent to to the customer support team at: ?

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No, you never need to type any extension. this is a serious bug, please send file and your query to support team immediately, support team forwarded the issue to engineering team to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thanks

This issue has been ongoing for quite a while now.

:bulb:Until issue is resolved, when downloading any files, you would have to manually enter the file name extension.

Images are downloaded as .jfef extension, which can be viewed by Windows Photo Viewer, but cannot be modified unless extension is modified to proper version such as .jpeg/.jpg etc.

This is not a new bug at all; It has been in existence ever since I joined Fiverr. I submitted a bug report in September.

Posting it here for someone who might be facing the same problem :

Me : reports the bug

CS : Our tech team looked into this matter and seems this issue may be unique to your browser. Have you tried adding on the correct file extension to the files you have downloaded​?

ME : Sends browser name and version number

CS : Thanks for the information. I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team.

Few days later,

CS : Hello,

We’ve marked this ticket (#1594013) as resolved.

(Fiverr Customer Support)
Sep 6, 3:19 PM EDT

Please let us know if you require further assistance.

Basically the conversation fizzed out without a resolution and the problem was not bothering me so I let it be. But every now and then, whenever I download files from buyer request section, it shows as unsupported file format. Over the span of 2 months, more than 50% of the attachments I have download have been ‘unsupported file format’ files, even though the buyer request implies that they are known file types (image files or PDF files).

All the white files are unsupported :


It looks like you’re using Firefox, just out of interest could you try with Google Chrome and see if you experience the same issue ?

I am using Chrome 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit)

I checked, It’s working fine in Chrome. :slight_smile:

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I think the way in which Firefox handles your MIME types might be causing you an issue. You can read an article about how to re associate them from here:

Paying particular attention to

Note: You may get problems if you download a file that is labeled with the wrong Internet media type. There is no way to identify or delete a bad entry in the list. If this happens you may need to look at the file mimeTypes.rdf in your Firefox profile folder. Deleting the mimeTypes.rdf will reset all download actions to the default settings.

Deleting your mineTypes.rdf will solve your issue fully and reset any settings that will be causing your issue.


Same Problem wit me , Fiverr not Fix That