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File is Not JPEG Format

I have been trying to post a gig and every time I get to the requirements page and enter my information, it tells me the file is not a jpeg. There is no file. I never uploaded anything, I just typed my answer.
I have started from the beginning at least 4 times and every time it tells me I can’t move past that because something, somewhere is not a JPEG. Does anyone know why this might be?

Hi there, I am not certain as to why you are unable to post a gig however each gig requires you to upload at least 3 images with a dimension of 550p*370p. If you need help re-sizing the images please check out my post: How To Design Fiverr Gig Images/Cover.

Please view the guide below for step by step instructions about creating a gig.

My suggestions:

  1. Try another browser.
  2. Clear browser’s cache and try the process again.
  3. Keep “saving” your gig before you get to the buyer requirements page.
  4. Try to access the “create a gig” page another way and see if that works.

Good luck,
Matt (xqggqx) |