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File should be send to buyer!


I need you people to please guide me about which kind of file should be send to the buyer in article writing …
Will wait for your guidelines :slight_smile:
Have a good day ahead :slight_smile:


You need to send your buyer the file in which you have written the article. What file would you use to write an article? Notepad? Word document? Editor? It would have been prudent to think of such details before creating your gig in article writing. I think it is also a good idea to mention the file type you will be delivering in your gig description.


I also don’t think you are going to write articles in English, right? Are you offering article writing services in your own native language, perhaps? I was wondering this because of what your profile description says:

First of all Hi ! and secondly I’m pretty sure about why are you being here … yes you are at very right place you are looking for !!! I can play with words well on your demand in any horizon as I’m an experienced writer working officially for newspaper.

I apologize if I come across as being harsh, but that looks like something a person who is just starting to learn English would write.


If you are offering to write articles in English, I wouldn’t expect to receive many orders with the above written text in your profile, as it shows a lack of understanding when it comes to our grammar. You might as well put your Gig in front of a firing squad, as if someone does order an article in English, they would probably give you a bad rating due to your poor writing skills in English. If you are offering writing in other languages that you are proficient in, you may be OK. But, English, not so much.

As far as what type of file to deliver, as said above, what word processing software are you going to be working with? I deliver my readings in a PDF document, but, that may not work for someone who is delivering an article that would be used on a site etc.