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File size is too large! (Is there a way around this?)


Hello Fiverrs,

I have recently posted a gig in which I create 15 minutes of binaural music. I am trying to deliver this in a wav format, a loss-less audio format. I am refraining from putting it into a different format (like mp3), because it compresses the audio and also the integrity of the music.

Is there a way around this? I also wanted to do tracks longer than 30 minutes for those customers that would like, but in wav or AIFF formats those files are 300mb +




One of my Fiverr clients had trouble uploading their photos to me on Fiverr (must have been a server glitch or overload at that time) and used Dropbox instead to send them. I have not done it myself, but I think it is ok to just directly link your finished files, as there is not outside communication… they are just links to Mp3/Wav/Aiff files that you want to deliver.

Maybe a more senior Fiverr member or Admin could confirm this. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m not a professional audiophile, but have you considered FLAC format to save on file size?



Use a 3rd party application such as WeTransfer or DropBox.



Yes, FLAC is beautiful! However, not all machines will recognize it as a playable audio format, unless I am wrong and things have changed. I will look into it, thank you!


Awesome! Thank you, you are a beautiful being!



IS that okay with Fiverr? I do not want to be terminated from here…

From their terms of service:

“Terms of Service reminder: You may not communicate with users directly or provide your email, Skype, or phone number.”




Yes it’s okay with Fiverr. There are thousands of us that produce large projects and use these services.

NOTE: You do not share your email, skype or phone number when you use WeTransfer. It’s completely anonymous.



NOTE: When you use WeTransfer you will need to put in an email address (twice) but that is only so WeTransfer can notify you when the file is ready (only takes a few minutes). Then you send the Buyer the WeTransfer link thru the Fiverr message system.