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File to large, what now?

Hello everyone,

I have try to send HD video intro 1920x1080 to customer but could not upload it because the file was to large 3,48GB so I have zip it but the file was again to large 2,31GB.

What should I do?

Thank you for your time.

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Try uploading to Dropbox and send them the link.

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Hello there are many ways to send large files…

If you have gmail, you can use google drive …

drobox is another way… You need to upload file to there and then share…

Or you can use filemail too. It directly send mail to including link…

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I understand how to send them. But can I send them before customer has fully paid? Thanks

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Why would you send any completed work before the buyer has paid?

Without an order, you haven’t got a buyer as they haven’t paid.

I know. But I set up a “milestone” system. I think I set it up for payment on approval of each milestone. Is that even possible?

No idea - too complicated for anything I offer.